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Monday, June 18, 2007

Chapter 1: Birth of Atlantis

(This story begins approximately 5 millennia before the disappearance of the Island of Atlantis.)

Dry’an du Nuven stood in a recessed illusion in the city of Schema, a town on the Isle of Atlantis, and struggled to keep his disguised thought patterns human, his fellow Elven Hunter and mate, Tre’a de El’a had her arms wrapped around her belly as birthing pains ripped through her. To his amazement and admiration, she kept her thought patterns as human, her breathing normal, the sheer pain stamped into her face said how hard it was to accomplish.

Abruptly she stood up and thought to him, “They approach my Love, be safe.”

Dry’an swallowed knowing the nest that was approaching was his death and he was afraid Tre’a would follow him Beyond before their daughter could be birthed. Staring at the female a beside him he stared into her clear blue eyes, her sky blue hair was swept back into a braid that hung down her back to her feet, revealing her pointed Elven ears, complimented by her sky blue skin, her high cheek bones flattered her small, upturned nose, and pointy chin.

He took her in at a glance and pulling out the disks containing liquid death, he move them around in the palms of his hands and vanished around the corner, never appearing to Those That Could Not Be Spoken Of and hurled the disks at the bodies that had once contain Elves. The bodies of the Abominations exploded on impact as the disks contained liquid sunlight.

Dodging to the opposite side of the street, he hurled a disk at the abomination in front of him, he felt one vanishing back down the street, Dry’an took off after it. He traced the Thing by its thought patterns and knew that it was right in front of him, but he couldn’t see it.

He threw the disk and rolled into the throw to dodge any counter attacks. Rolling to his feet he was stunned to find a sword protruding from his chest, he sent his final thoughts to Tre’a, a warning that the Things had mutated further then they thought as now they had invisibility and different thought patterns.

He felt his body vanishing into the Beyond.


When her Love had vanished around the wall corner, Tre’a sagged over her belly, pain ripped through her and she knew that she was close to birthing. Loosening the sash around her waist she removed her pants, felt between her legs, feeling the head, stooping down, she pushed.

Between the pains, she rested her back against the wall; she could not afford to be caught by here by Those, she was hunting. Sighing, she wished not for the first time that her family had the ability to birth males, but they only produced females and had for centuries, making the de Ela’s the only female Hunters in all the Elven clans.

Another pain ripped through her and she bore down, pushing out the tiny body of her daughter; a Seeing flashed through her mind, Dry’an was dying. He begged her to leave the Isle of Atlantis to care for their child and most importantly she let the other Hunter’s know that the They That Could Not Be Spoken Of had mutated and could be invisible and hide their thought patterns.

As Dry’an passed into the Beyond, Tre’a felt a part of her soul ripping to shreds, silent tears streamed down her cheeks as she used the elements to transport herself home. She found herself standing in front of her own mother, wordlessly, she handed the squalling infant to her and flashed to the hall that the Elven king, King Borlan.

Blood on her hands and dripping down her thighs, Tre’a said, “Hear this King Borlan, my partner and mate, Dry’an du Nuven was killed by Those That Cannot Be Spoken Of. He transmitted a Seeing to me before passing to the Beyond. The Things are mutating and evolving to become invisible and can hide their latent Elven thought signatures we use to track them.

Tre’a swayed. She knew she would go to the Beyond, sent a Seeing to her own Mother, begging her to take are of her tiny daughter, whom she had named Atlantis. Tre’a’s body melted away.


Nislen El’a stepped out of her home, straightening and schooling her face; she knew her daughter was on her way home to her, her mate gone to the Beyond. Sighing, she waited. She carefully arranged her thoughts so that Tre’a would not guess her decision to go to the Beyond.

She knew the only reason Tre’a had not gone herself was that she had important news to impart to her people. An honorable Hunter to the end pride swelled her heart. The elements Tre’a was using whispered to her that her daughter’s arrival was imminent.

Nislen gasped as her daughter appeared and thrust a tiny body into her hands and disappeared. Tears of sorrow gathered in her eyes, as she knew she no longer had the ability to care for this child.

She entered her home. Taking the little one, she put warm water into a basin and bathed her. Nislen washed the small Elven body massaging the muscles. She admired the sky blue eyes, the small pointy ears, and chin. Love and regret grew in her heart for the little one. Wrapping the small one up, she realized that Tre’a had not even named her.

Sitting down on the lounge in her front room, she was stunned to receive a Seeing from her daughter, “Name her Atlantis, let her know I love her so much, but her Father’s passing at the time of her birth too weakened me to stay with and raise her I must go the Beyond.

Nislen sighed as she felt her daughter pass. Knowing that she could not stay on this side any longer or risk becoming Werekin, she stood and used elements for the last time, she was in front of a tree house, in the forest; her best friend’s daughter could not have Little Ones and wanted one desperately.

Nislen knocked on the door. Jad’n Hout opened the door and gazed at Nislen El’a’s wizen face. His eyes flickered over the sky blue bundle that she carried in her arms. “I see you Nislen El’a.”

“I see you Jad’n Hout, of the Forest Elves. Is your Mate at home?”

“She is and on her way down now. Please enter our home.”

Slowly and painfully, Nislen entered. The last use of the Elements had further drained her and she knew her time was short. Hearing footsteps, her eyes fell on the lovely wood elf, Dras’n Tr. Her lovely green skin glowed and her lovely green hair sparkled with vitality.

Dras’n stopped on seeing the wizen elf standing in her home; stunned she realized it was her Mother’s best friend. Blinking she heard in her mind, “Dras’n Tr I evoke the Right of Blood. Vel’a Tr was my Blood-sister. As her only descendant, the Right of Blood falls to you.”

Bowing her head, Dras’n replied aloud, “As the only living descendant of Vel’a Tr, I acknowledge and accept full responsibility of Blood Right and will honor your request all the days of my life.”

Nislen gathered that last of her strength and stepped to stand in front of Dras’n, she extended the tiny bundle to Dras’n, “This is Atlantis, the only daughter of my daughter, Tre’a de El’a. Under the Right of Blood I charge you to raise her as you would one of your own, love her, guide her.” Nislen sent the final message from Tre’a to Dras’n and faded to nothingness.

Dras’n glazed up at her Mate, tears glistening on her cheeks and thought, “We have a daughter. A Little One.” She shifted Little Atlantis to her shoulder, kissing her brow. Jad’n didn’t say a word, but he scooped his Mate and their Little One into his arms and allowed Dras’n to feel his thoughts through their personal communication channel. He thanked the Elements for Atlantis, his Mate was so happy that she vibrated color along with her thoughts, somthing she had not done since their first time together. He had feared she would loose the will the live after discovering that she could not have her own Little Ones.

He peered down at the wrapped bundle in Dras’n arms, sky blue eyes locked with his emerald ones and he lost his heart to the little Sky Elf. Leaning over he kissed his Mate’s forehead and said, “Let’s show her, her room.”

© All Rights Reserved. Copyrighted June 2007 by Georgia Lee Jones.