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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Chapter 16: Ascension

The Elven Nation gathered in the Grove of Assembly. Their faces drawn in pain at the loss of their leader, Isolade stood in front as felt through the Elements that every male and female elf was present.  She shook the bag that the runes were in and tossed them into the air as they remained suspended, she read them, “Our new leader is Hadrese O’lin.”

Hadrese froze in place, she felt her son being lifted from her arms by Dorn. Walking unsteadily forward to stand in front of their mage, Isolade she raised her arms and said, “As it has been, it will be again, we ask the Elements to bless the Ascension of Hadrese O’lin.”

Hadrese felt cold and heat race around her body, then she felt a wall of water tumble down around her. Last, she felt a wind blowing against her. Inherently, she bowed into the wind and remained in her spot. The wind changed and became a breeze. When the breeze washed over her, she stood and opened her eyes.  Isolade began a chant, “Evid hostno veet’e asc’n showen.”

Hadrese felt an object in her right hand. Surprised that it was burning her hand, she looked down. The more she felt the urge to drop it harder she clung to it. Then it disappeared. Opening her hand, she saw the Imperial Ascension mark on the palm of her hand. It was a circle and within the circle were the four signs for the Elements two squiggly lines for water, two straight lines for air, a falling ball of fire and four curved lines for wind, against the backdrop of soil.

“You have been blessed by the Elements you are truly Queen of the Elves.” Isolade held out both of her hands a globe settled into her palms. She extended it to Hadrese saying, “Here are the symbols of your Ascension. Rule with a strong hand and a soft heart. Rule wisely and live long.”

When Hadrese accepted the orbs, power surged through their veins like she had never felt before; she now had sway over the elements. Hadrese felt the collective knowledge of every Elven King or Queen flooded her conscience mind. The weight of responsibility for her children rested heavily upon her. All the secrets kept by the Elven leaders over the millennia’s were revealed to her. Bracing her body, Hadrese forced herself to remain standing before her Clan. She was of every Clan and no Clan at the same time. She felt love for her Clans grow in her heart.

Twa revealed himself to Hadrese, bowed low, and pledged, “I, Twa of the Elementals pledge my service to you Queen Hadrese for as long as you live.”

Hadrese stared at Twa, surprised at his pledge. “I accept your pledge, Twa of the Elementals.”

Slowly Hadrese turned to face the Clans, she held up her hand, revealing the Ascension Symbol nestled in her palm. “I will hold you all in the palm of my hand cradling you to my heart with joy and love. I am your servant, guide, and protector. I pledge to you this day, that until the day I pass, my life will be dedicated to the betterment of our Clans.”

The collective shouts of rule wisely and live long resounded around the Grove of Assembly as the Elves cheered for their leader.

© All Rights Reserved. Copyrighted August 2008 by Georgia Lee Jones.

Chapter 15: Passing of a King

Dorn was sitting in the monthly family council grinding his teeth. He was furious even after all these centuries, his uncle; Hap’shen refused to acknowledge Atlantis as a full blood relative. He had been at odds with Hap’shen for as many centuries as Atlantis was alive. The Elven Clans no matter who raised the Wee Ones always recognized their blood, however, Dorn was beginning to believe that Hap’shen was suffering from the Darkening and hence his refusal to acknowledge Atlantis du El’a as one of their own.

An even more disturbing idea to Dorn was that if Atlantis was fully recognized would displace Hap’shen was leader because the leader of the Clans was the person with the most powerful magic and that would be Atlantis for the Sky Elves, but she was disinherited, making Hap’shen the most magically powerful Sky Elf.
Silence descended on the gathering and Dorn was pulled from his thoughts realizing that he was asked a question that he had no recollection of what that question was, “I am sorry Uncle, I was not paying attention, what was the question?”

Glaring at his nephew, Hap’shen said, “What did Atlantis want to see the King about?”
“I have no idea.”

Hap’shen glared at his nephew, but knew he was telling the truth as he used a truth spell at the beginning of all family councils so he would spot those who didn’t speak the truth. He also knew that to ask Dorn to find out what it was about would be ignored, so he didn’t bother.

Suddenly the meeting was interrupted by Rowen and four Elementals and encircled within their ranks was none other then Atlantis.

Rowen unrolled a scroll and read the King’s dictates, “By order of King Borlan, The Sky Elves are to formally recognize Atlantis du El’a as part of your Clan. You cannot deny the light blue skin, hair, eyes, and the identifying tattoo she carries identifying her as a Sky Elf. The wrongness of her familial situation will end immediately.”

Atlantis had received the shock of her life, when Rowan had appeared and shown her the Kings proclamation that was to be read to her Clan. She had come as ordered by the King or else she would have not bothered attending.

The moment she had transported with Rowen and his Elementals into the room that the Sky Elves had been using for their meeting, she sensed a Dark Elf, knowing that she could not kill this Elf without proof, she fashioned a cage of fire and enveloped their leader and her half-uncle Hap’shen.

“What is the meaning of this?” demanded Hap’shen.

Stepping around the Elementals, Atlantis said, “On this day I accuse you Hap’shen of being a Dark Elf.”

A gasp of horror arose from the ranks of her Clan. “Lies!” screamed Hap’shen.

“No not lies, Hap-shen.” Atlantis seared his skin using the fire that caged him and he screamed, immediately his fangs grew long as he needed blood to heal the burn on his arm.

A cry arose from her Clan members as his fangs appeared. Hap-shen knew that he should have left the Elves many decades before, but he had been so sure that he would never be caught as long as he kept his distance from Atlantis, never dreaming the King would enforce familial recognition.

Standing in the cage of fire, Hap-shen glared at Atlantis. Shifting his gaze to the entrance of King Borlan, Hap-shen glared at the Elf who was responsible for his soon demise.

He had been the Elf who was kept the pulse of the Elven Nation under his thumb, turning to the Darkness those whom his Master’s indicated, he had served them many years, and they were going to feed him to the mortal enemy, Atlantis.

King Borlan looked sadly upon his subject, and said, “I find you guilty of having in your possession the Darkening. Your sentence is death to be carried out immediately.”

Upon hearing the pronouncement of her King, Atlantis allowed the fire cage to consume her half-uncle. He screamed briefly and turned to ash.

Glaring at the remaining Sky Elves, King Borlan said, “Are there any amongst you who would continue to deny Atlantis du El’a her rightful place in her Clan?”

Dorn spoke up and said, “I, Dorn du Nuven, acknowledge Atlantis du El’a as a member of the Clan, Sky Elf.”

After formal pronouncement Dorn stood, the entire de Nuven family stood, some had tears streaming down their faces, they were honoring their fallen hero, who was Atlantis’s father. All the other clan representatives stood as one and said the formal words welcoming Atlantis to Clan.

Atlantis felt the bonds of Clan for the first time in her life. Her Clan gifted her, silently she wept, she now had family ties and finally she did not have to hide her friendship with Dorn. She went to Dorn and formally said, “I, Atlantis du El’a accept the gift of Clan Sky Elf.”

Magic snapped around the room and the mantle of responsibility fell to Atlantis. The collective knowledge of Clan Sky Elf was revealed to her in an instant both the achievements and failures.

Suddenly the Sky Elves surrounded her giving her hugs and kisses, embracing her. Those who were old enough to remember her parents commented that she was a du Ela’a and it was a shame they could not acknowledge it before today.

Suddenly Oberon appeared at her side. Atlantis said, “I formally introduce one of my two Life’s Mates, Oberon O’Lin and Tajor Van of the Clan Water Elf.” Atlantis turned when she felt the cooling magic of the Forest Elves. She ran to the Father of her Heart and hugged him and the Mother of her Heart. Tears were in their eyes and they were so happy for the Daughter of their Heart. Pulling back and holding each of their hands, announced to the gathering, “I am pleased to present, my Father and Mother of My Heart, by Blood Right they raised and loved me as their own.”

A wizen Elf came forward and took the hands of Jad’n Hout and Dras’n Tr and whispered, “I can go beyond and give a good report of the Clan Forest Elf and finally of Clan Sky Elf.” Using the last of his magic, he sent a Seeing and Gift to Atlantis and went beyond.

Atlantis was hit with the most vivid Seeing she had ever heard of, the Elf was her Grandpere on her Mother’s side. On the day she was born, Nislen du El’a had sent him the powers left to her by her Mate, who was an Elemental, with instructions that he was to keep the powers until the day that Atlantis was gifted.

Raw power surged in her veins as the Gift of the Elementals raced through her blood. Her blue eyes swirled with fire, earth, wind, sky, and water hers to command at her will. Turning her head to Rowen, he nodded to her, acknowledging the gift. She was now accepted into his sessions as the Master of Elements. She would be able to hone her powers under his direction.

The mantle of responsibility stuck to her shoulders becoming oppressive as one of her Clan was in dire need. Sending a soft wiff of magic across the wind she saw the Sky Elf in question and seizing her body she defeated the Dark Elves that has surrounded her and then Atlantis teleported the Elf home.

Riyen de Nov’l had been sent on a fool’s errand she decided when she saw the Werekin blocking her path. She knew she was facing her ultimate death. She blinked and looked around and the Dark Elves were not where to be seen and she was suddenly in the Clan hall where family meetings were conducted. She looked around for Hap’shen and was relieved to find him gone.

Turning to the person who had saved her life, she beheld Atlantis of the Forest Elves. Riyen tasted the magic swirling in the meeting room and discovered that her Clan finally recognized Atlantis as a Sky Elf.

“How did you come to be on that path?” asked Atlantis.

“Where is our previous leader?”


Nodding Riyen said, “He sent me there and told me to wait and what I needed to know would be revealed. I was to be dinner for That Which Cannot Be Spoken Of.”

Atlantis closed her eyes in horror at the abuse of power and listened to Riyen as she continued, “I was investigating the disappearance of my sister and brother and our former leader learned of it and said that if I went to that spot, I would know what happened. He was right; my siblings met their death in a very ugly and untimely manner.”

Atlantis sent the memories of Clan to those who needed closure for those missing family members Hap’shen had killed so many of their numbers by feeding the Darkening and those who had it. As her Clan viewed her Seeing, a gasp of horror rose from the ranks of Sky Elves as they learned of the deprivation of their former leader. Eyes narrowing, they listened to Atlantis speak to their King: “Your Majesty, for the last five centuries, the former leader of the Sky Elves have been turning members of various Clans into Werekin, some are now dead, but there is one alive in each clan, I now am in possession of their names, shall I cage them as I did my half-uncle?”


Atlantis closed her eyes and called on fire, and caged five other elves within its bonds. She held out her hand to the King and then transported them both to each elf that was being held. She burned each one with the fire, after seeing the fangs grow; King Borlan pronounced the death sentence upon them all. After the final elf met his death, Atlantis kept the king’s hand in hers and using a telepathic channel said to him, “Your Majesty, you are in great danger my Lord, I sense the Darkening gathering around you and your Mate. You both must walk into the Beyond before it’s too late.”

The King replied on the same telepathic channel, “I have sent for Isolade. Upon my passing, she will cast the runes and a new leader will be chosen, please be a guide to whomever the Elements bequest this responsibility.”

Atlantis turned with sad eyes, and said, “I will.”

The King nodded and disengaged his hand from Atlantis’s grasp and said, “Good bye my dear, I will convey to those that have gone before, that you are a tribute to their future and that of the Clans.”

Tears gathered in her eyes at the words of her King and she nodded and whispered, “Good bye your Majesty.”

King Borlan teleported himself to his private rooms, his Mate was standing at their window looking out to the gardens. Isolade was sitting quietly in the corner chair. Walking to his Mate, he sent a Seeing and final Gifting to his daughter Hadrese, and vanished to the Beyond. King Borlan’s Mate, also sent a Seeing and Gifting to his daughter Hadrese and went Beyond.

Hadrese was holding her son when the Seeing from her Father tears streamed down her cheeks, as she beheld the final minutes of his life, and that of his Mate. They both had gifted her with their powers and she felt the serge of magic in her blood.

A proclamation went out to all the Elves, announcing the passing of their Beloved King and his Mate. Isolade called for all Elves to gather in the grove immediately for the Choosing.

© All Rights Reserved. August 2008 by Georgia Lee Jones.