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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Chapter 16: Ascension

The Elven Nation gathered in the Grove of Assembly. Their faces drawn in pain at the loss of their leader, Isolade stood in front as felt through the Elements that every male and female elf was present.  She shook the bag that the runes were in and tossed them into the air as they remained suspended, she read them, “Our new leader is Hadrese O’lin.”

Hadrese froze in place, she felt her son being lifted from her arms by Dorn. Walking unsteadily forward to stand in front of their mage, Isolade she raised her arms and said, “As it has been, it will be again, we ask the Elements to bless the Ascension of Hadrese O’lin.”

Hadrese felt cold and heat race around her body, then she felt a wall of water tumble down around her. Last, she felt a wind blowing against her. Inherently, she bowed into the wind and remained in her spot. The wind changed and became a breeze. When the breeze washed over her, she stood and opened her eyes.  Isolade began a chant, “Evid hostno veet’e asc’n showen.”

Hadrese felt an object in her right hand. Surprised that it was burning her hand, she looked down. The more she felt the urge to drop it harder she clung to it. Then it disappeared. Opening her hand, she saw the Imperial Ascension mark on the palm of her hand. It was a circle and within the circle were the four signs for the Elements two squiggly lines for water, two straight lines for air, a falling ball of fire and four curved lines for wind, against the backdrop of soil.

“You have been blessed by the Elements you are truly Queen of the Elves.” Isolade held out both of her hands a globe settled into her palms. She extended it to Hadrese saying, “Here are the symbols of your Ascension. Rule with a strong hand and a soft heart. Rule wisely and live long.”

When Hadrese accepted the orbs, power surged through their veins like she had never felt before; she now had sway over the elements. Hadrese felt the collective knowledge of every Elven King or Queen flooded her conscience mind. The weight of responsibility for her children rested heavily upon her. All the secrets kept by the Elven leaders over the millennia’s were revealed to her. Bracing her body, Hadrese forced herself to remain standing before her Clan. She was of every Clan and no Clan at the same time. She felt love for her Clans grow in her heart.

Twa revealed himself to Hadrese, bowed low, and pledged, “I, Twa of the Elementals pledge my service to you Queen Hadrese for as long as you live.”

Hadrese stared at Twa, surprised at his pledge. “I accept your pledge, Twa of the Elementals.”

Slowly Hadrese turned to face the Clans, she held up her hand, revealing the Ascension Symbol nestled in her palm. “I will hold you all in the palm of my hand cradling you to my heart with joy and love. I am your servant, guide, and protector. I pledge to you this day, that until the day I pass, my life will be dedicated to the betterment of our Clans.”

The collective shouts of rule wisely and live long resounded around the Grove of Assembly as the Elves cheered for their leader.

© All Rights Reserved. Copyrighted August 2008 by Georgia Lee Jones.