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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Chapter 18: Others

Hadrese decided to walk to the palace. It was her childhood home. She had left it for a time a century earlier when she had joined with her Life Mate, Dorn and now she was returning, not to visit her Fathers, but as Queen.

Swallowing the shock of the passing of her Fathers and her Ascension, Hadrese walked up the familiar walk. Standing in the middle of the walkway was Twa, the Elemental who had voluntarily sworn himself to her service for as long as she lived. She was amused to see that he was wearing a royal blue cape and some fancy suit of clothing, she spied lace around the neck, before remembering to pay attention when around this Elf as he was slippery and wily.

"Good day to you Twa. How are you today?"

Bowing low, Twa swept his cape back and bowed gracefully at the waist, sweeping his Liege's hand into his and kissing the air above her knuckles. He stepped back and said, "I am well, my Queen, I thank you for asking after my health!"

Hadrese smirked at him and continued walking down the path. Uneasy, Twa followed a step behind his Queen. Keeping quiet was hard, but he had learned to go with his instincts and they were screaming for him to be silent.

Surprised that Twa wasn't chattering a mile a minute, Hadrese walked up the steps to the palace doors, which opened up by magic. She gasped in surprise. They had never opened automatically before, in fact, they had always been hard for her to push open as if telling her she didn't have a place here in her own home.

Shocked rippled through her soul as she stepped over the threshold. The palace was alive. How could that be? Pausing just inside of the doorway, Hadrese, glanced around. It looked the same as it had when she had last visited her Fathers, yet somehow not.

She felt a hand on her shoulder and jumped a little, glancing at Dorn she sighed. "I never thought I would be returning here so quickly. It's the same, yet different. “Can you feel it?"

Looking around the rooms, Dorn said, "I thought someone had opened the doors for us, but no one is here."

Glancing behind Dorn, Hadrese asked, "Did you open the door for me Twa?"

"I am ashamed to say, my Queen, that I did not," Twa looked so sad that Hadrese, laughed.

"If I thought for a minute you meant that sad look, I would actually be moved to feel sorry for you Twa, but we both know what a consummate actor you are."

Twa clutched his hands over his heart and bemoaned, "My Queen you wound me!"

Laughing and shaking her head Hadrese turned and led her family to their rooms. These rooms had been hers while she was a child and she wanted to use them again. "My Queen if I may say," Twa didn't pause, but continued, "You are no longer a child you are a ruler, you need to have different rooms."

"We will move to the royal apartments as soon as they are ready, I cannot move into them until some changes have been made. Until then we will live here."

Twa nodded and looked around the room. Flitting around the room Twa touch this and that covertly watching Hadrese and Dorn.

Sighing Hadrese quietly said, "Thank for your company this afternoon, Twa, however, I am retiring for the evening. Good night."

A beatific smile spread across Twa's face and he bowed and left the room. Hurrying down the hallway, Twa went to the previous sovereign's room. Looking around he realized Hadrese was right too many, living with too many overpowering memories was not right either.

The hair on the back of Twa's neck stood straight up. Spinning around, he saw a pale white being in front of him. Wrapping his magic around him, Twa demanded, "Who the Nine Hells are you? Better yet, what are you?"

"I am Hornpol of the Northern Gnomes. I am here with a message from the Council of High Rulers."

Twa stared at him. He had felt the Others presence, but he discounted that they were worth anything as they had never had contact with his Clans.

"I am Twa of the Elemental Elven Clan," staring back at the Gnome. "You are the reason the door opened by itself and that the palace feels alive."

Hornpol didn't bother to reply to the rhetorical statement. "I need to speak with King Borlan."

Twa drew himself up to his full stature, looking down his nose at the intruder, announced, "How dare you speak the name of He Who Is Gone."

Nodding his head at his error, Hornpol said, "I beg your forgiveness, I was not aware that you do not speak of Those Who Go Before."

Breathing deeply to get control of his magic, Twa let the air out of his lungs and nodded, but didn't speak for a moment.

Hadrese felt the Elements swirl around her. She realized that something was wrong with Twa and traced the magic to him. Using his eyes to look at what had almost made him loose control, she saw a being that she knew was not human.

Using Twa's mouth, she said, "I am Hadrese, Queen of the Elves. State your business and leave before my Elf looses all control!"

Hornpol glanced around wondering when had the Queen come into the room. He saw nothing. Uneasily, he glanced back at the Elf standing in front of him. "I am Hornpol of the Northern Gnomes. I bring a message from the Council of High Rulers."

"Speak the message," demanded Hadrese.

"The Council bids you to join the next session, which is on the eve of the next full moon. You will be teleported to the meeting spot by the High Ruler."

"Why have We not heard of this Council before and how dare they summon an Elf to their presence. Should I accept this invitation I will come when and if I please and not a moment before, do not presume to order Me about. Dismissed."

Hornpol withdrew a sphere from his pocket, pressing a button he waited. Suddenly, the High Ruler appeared beside him and a tall, lithe woman stood directly behind him, watchful, but still, a bodyguard.

Sighing Twa whispered to his Queen that she best appear. She left his mind and instantly appeared beside him.

Hadrese raised an eyebrow at the non-human creature in front of her, "You are in the Courts of the Queen of the Elves. Your messenger was rude and stepped high above his station. We do not interact with the Other races that have made this world their home. We do not answer to you or your High Council. Your messenger has made you persona non grata. I bid you good day."

Bowing at his waist, King Connlan eyed the young Queen, shocked that she had given him the same reason as her ancestor had many millennia before her. He felt Kira and Hornpol's shock that he would show deference to the Elven Queen.

Twa took in the meaning of his Queen’s comments amazed that the Elven Rulers had some interaction with the “Others.” He watched the faces of male and female when the male with the a regal bearing bowed. He whispered in Hadrese's mind, "This is the High King or Ruler. I believe the title is interchangeable."

"King Connlan welcome to the court of the Elves. You honor Us with your presence."

Again the feeling of deja vu crept up his spine. The Queen knew who he was and wondered just how much more she knew.

Smiling Hadrese said, "Please come and sit down for a spell."

Connlan sat on the gold satin chair, opposite of Hadrese, "What is the High Council?"

"It is the head of each ruling House of Other races. The Elves were invited many earth years ago to join, however your race decided to remain separate."

Hadrese didn't respond. She sifted through the memories that had been given to her at her Ascension. She saw that the Elves had been invited, but had refused because the Goddess of All Else gave offense.  She stared back at the High King Connlan as he stared at her. “Will the Goddess of All Else apologize for the offense given?”

Unbelievable! There was no way that this Queen would have known about that breach of etiquette. Aloud Connlan said, “She will.”

Twa whispered in Hadrese’s mind, “Accept if the Goddess of All Else apologizes.”

Hadrese said, “We will join your council on the day that the Goddess of All Else apologizes. We will join as full members of this council, not under anyone guidance or judgment. Furthermore, all the other council members will stay out of Elven business.”

“Wow,” Connlan thought to himself. He was blown away that the young Queen knew the entire problem and succinctly presented the exact same argument that her Ancestor had told him; out loud Connlan said, “Agreed.”

He vanished with his bodyguard; returning to his Palace and sat down in his chair and regarded the rest of the Council. “The Elves will join the Council when the Goddess of All Else apologizes for the offense given eleven centuries ago; furthermore, they will be equals falling under no ones domain. I have said that the Goddess will give apology and the Queen has said that on that day the Elves will join the Council.”

The Goddess of All Else froze and gasped, “How did this new ruler know of this predicament?”

All of the “Other” races that reside in the realm of magic here on Terra Firma have their secrets, we will allow the Elves theirs and this definitely falls under that purview; frankly how she knows isn’t important. I told you all those years ago to apologize now it’s no longer a request it’s an order and you will be banished from these chambers until you do so.”

Immediately magic swirled around the room and the Goddess of All Else was forcibly removed from the room. Connlan’s magic would know when the apology was given and allow the Goddess back into the chamber.

Looking at the other members of the council, he said, “The internal war the Light Elves fought against the Dark Elves have made them a power to contend with and they have earned their position on this Council. Anyone else disagrees please do so now.”


Copyrighted. September 2010 by Georgia Lee Jones. All rights reserved. Any copying of this information without the consent of the author is illegal and considered theft.

Chapter 17: Guide

Atlantis du El'a stood between her mates Oberon and Tajor in the Grove of Assembly. Closing her eyes, she struggled with the raw power surging through her veins. She knew that she needed to get her magic under control or lose all control and become Werekin. As she named her greatest fear in her mind, the magic eased somewhat giving her relief and knowledge that the more she feared the harder it was to control the magic.

Startled from her thoughts by the rousing cheer of the crowd, Atlantis glanced around and was surprised that she missed the ceremony of her friends Ascension to Queen-ship. Pushing her magic out in front of her tuning it to a colder breeze she parted the crowd of Elves in front of her and walked forward to stand before her Queen.

"I, Atlantis du El'a Chieftain of the Clan Sky Elf, do solemnly acknowledge a pledge made to He Who Went Before, to guide you and protect you, my Queen Hadrese."

Hadrese stared down at her blue-skinned friend, relative, and now guide, swallowing the lump in her throat, Hadrese replied, "Your vow is so acknowledged and gladly accepted, go in peace."

Atlantis bowed her head and then again at the waist, allowing her forehead to scrape the dais on which the new Queen was standing; gracefully, Atlantis took a step back and melted into the crowd, slowing walking backwards to stand beside her Life Mates.

Other Elves came forward offering advice, help, guidance as appropriate each Clan Chieftain came forward and pledged loyalty to the new Queen and that of their Clans.

Atlantis felt a tickle in her mind and turned to stare at her daughter, who giggled. Atlantis thought to her Wee One, "I have to go to Rowan of the Elementals for training. Be good while I am gone and I'll see you tonight!"

Her daughter bobbed her head up and down and tinkling laughter echoed in the Grove. A transportation orb appeared in front of Atlantis, who touched it and disappeared.

Opening her eyes, Atlantis felt a strong pulse, looking around she noticed only gray walls, but the walls looked like they were alive, gray slightly tinged with red. The room was oval and the ceiling disappeared into inky blackness, darker then anything she had ever seen.

Rowan appeared in the room and he regarded Atlantis and said nothing. Crossing his arms he sent out a stream of elemental magic and allowed it to float beside Atlantis, allowing him to gauge just how much magic she had received in her Gifting. He staggered back. Her magic zinged along the his stream of magic causing a backlash, sending him flying, crashing into the wall and slumping to the ground.

Stunned Atlantis rushed over to Rowan and in a raspy voice said, "Rowan what happened. Are you alright?"

No reply. Swallowing, Atlantis isolated her Sky Elf magic and blew it over the crumpled body in front of her, probing to see if any permanent damage had been done. No indications of anything physically wrong, immediately, Atlantis knew that it was all mental damage that had hurt Rowan.

Slowing she probed into his mind seeking for a way around his walls, nothing, no holes even in shock, she was completely blocked out.

Sighing, Atlantis sat back. She decided not touch him because she didn't yet know all the ways her magic could lash out. In her mind she replayed the connection that zapped Rowen unconsciousness.

Falling into her mind, Atlantis followed the new magic to the well in her mind where it was stored. Using her metaphysical eyes she looked into the cauldron of Elemental magic and studied the swirling patterns trying to sort out what each color meant and maybe how it would affect her use of the magic.

Each Clan had their secrets on how to control their magic, they didn't reveal those secrets to other Elves, not even Life Mates understood how the magic worked, some would pick up techniques on how to find holes in their Mates minds so they could slip in and out of their Mates minds at will, but not how or why their Mates magic worked.

Instinctively, Atlantis knew that the magic she was seeing in her mind had the secrets of each Clan stored into its color-coded streams. The only color that was missing was the Clan Sky Elf, she didn't need to know how her own magic worked so it was missing or was it?

Atlantis closed off all of her innate magic except for a small pinhole, and she gently pushed a speck of Sky Elf magic through the hole and allowed it to interact with the Elemental magic she held within her mind. The roiling mess she saw stopped writhing and began to untangle itself and assemble in an organized circle.

It took Atlantis a little while to figure out that her magic was assembling in the same pattern as the Ascension symbol that was given to the Elven King or Queen except instead of being a burn, this symbol was alive.

Gently Atlantis prodded a stream of Water Elf magic. She heard the gentle roar of the ocean waves crashing into the distant shore. She felt a heartbeat. What was that? Slowly she followed the stream of magic to the source of the heartbeat. It was the Water Clan Chieftain. She was astonished with her findings. In that moment, she knew that she could kill anyone of her fellow clansmen with a single thought. Mentally, she steadied herself and slowly withdrew along the line of magic she had followed back to its origin in her mind.

Swallowing, Atlantis gingerly touched the cord of magic that was of the Forest Elves. She heard the soft buzzing of the forest. She felt Elves and Humans and Others walking on the forest floor; animals burrowing within the arms of Mother Earth. She heard the hallow thumping of a heartbeat, this time she didn't follow it as she knew it would be the Clan's Chieftain.

She plucked at the Air Clans line and was surprised that the name was incorrect, they were called the Zyphers, which literally meant west wind. Why west, wondered Atlantis. She smelled the forest, water, molten rock, earth, pollens from different trees and plants. She could tell which direction the winds were blowing, the temperatures in each air stream. She knew where it would storm next, how much rain would fall, and if lightening would strike the ground.

Her metaphysical eyes rounded in discovery. Each clan was part of the whole and the Elementals held it all together. No wonder you never made an Elemental Elf angry, they could cause floods, earthquakes, ice storms, they could cause strife and catastrophic disasters by pulling on all the magical cords they held within themselves and depending on how violently they pulled would decide the magnitude of the mess they caused.

Atlantis said out loud, "I can never hunt again."

Rowen came to the conscience state to hear Atlantis mutter, "I can never hunt again."

"That would be correct Atlantis du El'a."

Hearing Rowan's pronouncement, Atlantis replied, "I have the Elemental magic controlled, but how do I tie it off so I won't loose control of it again?"

"Find the end of the magic that is still loose, it is only one end, knit it to your magic and you can call on it at anytime just like you can your own Sky magic."

Atlantis didn't rely. She was looking for the magical thread that was dangling from her live Ascension symbol. Little did she know the destiny she was about to assign to herself, but she would find out, and it would not be pretty.

Copyrighted. April 2010 by Georgia Lee Jones. All rights reserved. Any copying of this information without the consent of the author is illegal and considered theft.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Chapter 13: The Elder

Three beings gathered around the table in the upper rooms of the Blood Bath in Schema on the Isle of Atlantis. They silently regarded each other and tested their powers against each other. They all seemed to be of the same power that meant that there was an Elder still alive. From their own experiences, they knew that the Elder would eventually appear and assume control of their lair.

They had all been underground during the Elven Rampage as they began to call the extermination of their kind. Suddenly, the metaphysical realm began to ripple and from a doorway from another dimension a portal appeared and the Elder stepped through.

The three lesser beings bowed from their waist, acknowledging their Master’s power and that they would be willing to live under his rule of the lair. The Elder waved his hand and the room became soundproof.

His voice rumbled out, “Well, this is all that remains of our race,” he lied to them, but decided that they did not need to know all at the moment.

The three standing nodded their heads not saying a word. “Since I am the Elder, there are going to be new rules in which will govern our Lairs from now on and the most important one is that, no one, but an Elder will turn a human or They of the Light.”

“The next item is that there will be no killing of humans by draining all their blood. We will have acolytes from now on—a fan club if you must. I have studied Schema and these humans love their games so let’s play their games and win.”

“Your idea of this “bar” is brilliant. We will use our acolytes to drink from and replace their memories of erotic sex and love of music instead of us feasting on their necks.”

“Furthermore, there will be only one such club in Schema. We will not branch out to any other city in Atlantis. This is our home base. We will develop a business the business of pirates, stealing legitimate cargo and selling in the “black market” here in Atlantis,” holding up his hand, the Elder continued, “I know there is no organized “black market” here, but we will change that.”

“Now to the last, I want a written history of Us so that if we eventually die out someone will know the truth of Those That Are in the Light.”

“Ofren I sense that you enjoy literature, writing and the arts, you will record our history, from Our perspective. You may start with the First Elder to Me. You will write of our nemesis, Atlantis de El’a, our enemy and her family. Be sure that our children’s children for eternity will know who and what she looks like so that she and hers may be hunted until death.

The lesser beings nodded their head agreeing to the new rules that would govern their kind from henceforth.
The Elder looked at the only members of his Lair and said, “We will do selective breeding and from now on, only those chosen for that purpose will breed. I am studying the best kinds of humans and Those That Are in the Light to turn and to successfully breed.”

“As you all know, the only thing that saved us was the fact that we took to the ground as the ancients told us to do while in our regenerative state. The sun could not touch us as we were in the soil. Henceforth, our race shall sleep as our ancients used to in the ground. No one will be allowed to sleep above ground and if I catch you doing it I’ll end your life before you wake. I will not have our race decimated as it almost happened this human year.”

“You will keep your sleeping quarters secret from others in your lair and humans alike. Most humans are like sheep they do as they are told and most if banded together in a “cause” form a mob and their blood lust is high, rumors of this human year will spread and humans will be afraid, they will believe in the rumors and as most rumors go, they turn to fiction very quickly, but that story remains and becomes myth and then fades in to legend.”

“However, the most dangerous humans are those that believe in myth and track it down. It will be these humans who will try to find us, but we must be prepared, because I will not be killed by humans turned fanatics while I sleep.”

Glaring at the members of his lair, he sliced open his wrist and allowed his blood to drain into a cup, he healed his arm and handed the cup around. The males drank his blood and he felt their communication channels open and snap into place, he blocked the metaphysical pathway to his own mind from his followers; they would never be privileged to be able to read his mind.

Now he would know what they knew instantly and in some cases before they did what they were thinking.
Nodding to his pitiful lair, he said, “I’ll be back from time to time to see how you all are fairing. I will keep my eye on you through our new connection.” Opening a portal, the Elder vanished from sight.

© All Rights Reserved. Copyrighted June 2008 by Georgia Lee Jones.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Chapter 16: Ascension

The Elven Nation gathered in the Grove of Assembly. Their faces drawn in pain at the loss of their leader, Isolade stood in front as felt through the Elements that every male and female elf was present.  She shook the bag that the runes were in and tossed them into the air as they remained suspended, she read them, “Our new leader is Hadrese O’lin.”

Hadrese froze in place, she felt her son being lifted from her arms by Dorn. Walking unsteadily forward to stand in front of their mage, Isolade she raised her arms and said, “As it has been, it will be again, we ask the Elements to bless the Ascension of Hadrese O’lin.”

Hadrese felt cold and heat race around her body, then she felt a wall of water tumble down around her. Last, she felt a wind blowing against her. Inherently, she bowed into the wind and remained in her spot. The wind changed and became a breeze. When the breeze washed over her, she stood and opened her eyes.  Isolade began a chant, “Evid hostno veet’e asc’n showen.”

Hadrese felt an object in her right hand. Surprised that it was burning her hand, she looked down. The more she felt the urge to drop it harder she clung to it. Then it disappeared. Opening her hand, she saw the Imperial Ascension mark on the palm of her hand. It was a circle and within the circle were the four signs for the Elements two squiggly lines for water, two straight lines for air, a falling ball of fire and four curved lines for wind, against the backdrop of soil.

“You have been blessed by the Elements you are truly Queen of the Elves.” Isolade held out both of her hands a globe settled into her palms. She extended it to Hadrese saying, “Here are the symbols of your Ascension. Rule with a strong hand and a soft heart. Rule wisely and live long.”

When Hadrese accepted the orbs, power surged through their veins like she had never felt before; she now had sway over the elements. Hadrese felt the collective knowledge of every Elven King or Queen flooded her conscience mind. The weight of responsibility for her children rested heavily upon her. All the secrets kept by the Elven leaders over the millennia’s were revealed to her. Bracing her body, Hadrese forced herself to remain standing before her Clan. She was of every Clan and no Clan at the same time. She felt love for her Clans grow in her heart.

Twa revealed himself to Hadrese, bowed low, and pledged, “I, Twa of the Elementals pledge my service to you Queen Hadrese for as long as you live.”

Hadrese stared at Twa, surprised at his pledge. “I accept your pledge, Twa of the Elementals.”

Slowly Hadrese turned to face the Clans, she held up her hand, revealing the Ascension Symbol nestled in her palm. “I will hold you all in the palm of my hand cradling you to my heart with joy and love. I am your servant, guide, and protector. I pledge to you this day, that until the day I pass, my life will be dedicated to the betterment of our Clans.”

The collective shouts of rule wisely and live long resounded around the Grove of Assembly as the Elves cheered for their leader.

© All Rights Reserved. Copyrighted August 2008 by Georgia Lee Jones.

Chapter 15: Passing of a King

Dorn was sitting in the monthly family council grinding his teeth. He was furious even after all these centuries, his uncle; Hap’shen refused to acknowledge Atlantis as a full blood relative. He had been at odds with Hap’shen for as many centuries as Atlantis was alive. The Elven Clans no matter who raised the Wee Ones always recognized their blood, however, Dorn was beginning to believe that Hap’shen was suffering from the Darkening and hence his refusal to acknowledge Atlantis du El’a as one of their own.

An even more disturbing idea to Dorn was that if Atlantis was fully recognized would displace Hap’shen was leader because the leader of the Clans was the person with the most powerful magic and that would be Atlantis for the Sky Elves, but she was disinherited, making Hap’shen the most magically powerful Sky Elf.
Silence descended on the gathering and Dorn was pulled from his thoughts realizing that he was asked a question that he had no recollection of what that question was, “I am sorry Uncle, I was not paying attention, what was the question?”

Glaring at his nephew, Hap’shen said, “What did Atlantis want to see the King about?”
“I have no idea.”

Hap’shen glared at his nephew, but knew he was telling the truth as he used a truth spell at the beginning of all family councils so he would spot those who didn’t speak the truth. He also knew that to ask Dorn to find out what it was about would be ignored, so he didn’t bother.

Suddenly the meeting was interrupted by Rowen and four Elementals and encircled within their ranks was none other then Atlantis.

Rowen unrolled a scroll and read the King’s dictates, “By order of King Borlan, The Sky Elves are to formally recognize Atlantis du El’a as part of your Clan. You cannot deny the light blue skin, hair, eyes, and the identifying tattoo she carries identifying her as a Sky Elf. The wrongness of her familial situation will end immediately.”

Atlantis had received the shock of her life, when Rowan had appeared and shown her the Kings proclamation that was to be read to her Clan. She had come as ordered by the King or else she would have not bothered attending.

The moment she had transported with Rowen and his Elementals into the room that the Sky Elves had been using for their meeting, she sensed a Dark Elf, knowing that she could not kill this Elf without proof, she fashioned a cage of fire and enveloped their leader and her half-uncle Hap’shen.

“What is the meaning of this?” demanded Hap’shen.

Stepping around the Elementals, Atlantis said, “On this day I accuse you Hap’shen of being a Dark Elf.”

A gasp of horror arose from the ranks of her Clan. “Lies!” screamed Hap’shen.

“No not lies, Hap-shen.” Atlantis seared his skin using the fire that caged him and he screamed, immediately his fangs grew long as he needed blood to heal the burn on his arm.

A cry arose from her Clan members as his fangs appeared. Hap-shen knew that he should have left the Elves many decades before, but he had been so sure that he would never be caught as long as he kept his distance from Atlantis, never dreaming the King would enforce familial recognition.

Standing in the cage of fire, Hap-shen glared at Atlantis. Shifting his gaze to the entrance of King Borlan, Hap-shen glared at the Elf who was responsible for his soon demise.

He had been the Elf who was kept the pulse of the Elven Nation under his thumb, turning to the Darkness those whom his Master’s indicated, he had served them many years, and they were going to feed him to the mortal enemy, Atlantis.

King Borlan looked sadly upon his subject, and said, “I find you guilty of having in your possession the Darkening. Your sentence is death to be carried out immediately.”

Upon hearing the pronouncement of her King, Atlantis allowed the fire cage to consume her half-uncle. He screamed briefly and turned to ash.

Glaring at the remaining Sky Elves, King Borlan said, “Are there any amongst you who would continue to deny Atlantis du El’a her rightful place in her Clan?”

Dorn spoke up and said, “I, Dorn du Nuven, acknowledge Atlantis du El’a as a member of the Clan, Sky Elf.”

After formal pronouncement Dorn stood, the entire de Nuven family stood, some had tears streaming down their faces, they were honoring their fallen hero, who was Atlantis’s father. All the other clan representatives stood as one and said the formal words welcoming Atlantis to Clan.

Atlantis felt the bonds of Clan for the first time in her life. Her Clan gifted her, silently she wept, she now had family ties and finally she did not have to hide her friendship with Dorn. She went to Dorn and formally said, “I, Atlantis du El’a accept the gift of Clan Sky Elf.”

Magic snapped around the room and the mantle of responsibility fell to Atlantis. The collective knowledge of Clan Sky Elf was revealed to her in an instant both the achievements and failures.

Suddenly the Sky Elves surrounded her giving her hugs and kisses, embracing her. Those who were old enough to remember her parents commented that she was a du Ela’a and it was a shame they could not acknowledge it before today.

Suddenly Oberon appeared at her side. Atlantis said, “I formally introduce one of my two Life’s Mates, Oberon O’Lin and Tajor Van of the Clan Water Elf.” Atlantis turned when she felt the cooling magic of the Forest Elves. She ran to the Father of her Heart and hugged him and the Mother of her Heart. Tears were in their eyes and they were so happy for the Daughter of their Heart. Pulling back and holding each of their hands, announced to the gathering, “I am pleased to present, my Father and Mother of My Heart, by Blood Right they raised and loved me as their own.”

A wizen Elf came forward and took the hands of Jad’n Hout and Dras’n Tr and whispered, “I can go beyond and give a good report of the Clan Forest Elf and finally of Clan Sky Elf.” Using the last of his magic, he sent a Seeing and Gift to Atlantis and went beyond.

Atlantis was hit with the most vivid Seeing she had ever heard of, the Elf was her Grandpere on her Mother’s side. On the day she was born, Nislen du El’a had sent him the powers left to her by her Mate, who was an Elemental, with instructions that he was to keep the powers until the day that Atlantis was gifted.

Raw power surged in her veins as the Gift of the Elementals raced through her blood. Her blue eyes swirled with fire, earth, wind, sky, and water hers to command at her will. Turning her head to Rowen, he nodded to her, acknowledging the gift. She was now accepted into his sessions as the Master of Elements. She would be able to hone her powers under his direction.

The mantle of responsibility stuck to her shoulders becoming oppressive as one of her Clan was in dire need. Sending a soft wiff of magic across the wind she saw the Sky Elf in question and seizing her body she defeated the Dark Elves that has surrounded her and then Atlantis teleported the Elf home.

Riyen de Nov’l had been sent on a fool’s errand she decided when she saw the Werekin blocking her path. She knew she was facing her ultimate death. She blinked and looked around and the Dark Elves were not where to be seen and she was suddenly in the Clan hall where family meetings were conducted. She looked around for Hap’shen and was relieved to find him gone.

Turning to the person who had saved her life, she beheld Atlantis of the Forest Elves. Riyen tasted the magic swirling in the meeting room and discovered that her Clan finally recognized Atlantis as a Sky Elf.

“How did you come to be on that path?” asked Atlantis.

“Where is our previous leader?”


Nodding Riyen said, “He sent me there and told me to wait and what I needed to know would be revealed. I was to be dinner for That Which Cannot Be Spoken Of.”

Atlantis closed her eyes in horror at the abuse of power and listened to Riyen as she continued, “I was investigating the disappearance of my sister and brother and our former leader learned of it and said that if I went to that spot, I would know what happened. He was right; my siblings met their death in a very ugly and untimely manner.”

Atlantis sent the memories of Clan to those who needed closure for those missing family members Hap’shen had killed so many of their numbers by feeding the Darkening and those who had it. As her Clan viewed her Seeing, a gasp of horror rose from the ranks of Sky Elves as they learned of the deprivation of their former leader. Eyes narrowing, they listened to Atlantis speak to their King: “Your Majesty, for the last five centuries, the former leader of the Sky Elves have been turning members of various Clans into Werekin, some are now dead, but there is one alive in each clan, I now am in possession of their names, shall I cage them as I did my half-uncle?”


Atlantis closed her eyes and called on fire, and caged five other elves within its bonds. She held out her hand to the King and then transported them both to each elf that was being held. She burned each one with the fire, after seeing the fangs grow; King Borlan pronounced the death sentence upon them all. After the final elf met his death, Atlantis kept the king’s hand in hers and using a telepathic channel said to him, “Your Majesty, you are in great danger my Lord, I sense the Darkening gathering around you and your Mate. You both must walk into the Beyond before it’s too late.”

The King replied on the same telepathic channel, “I have sent for Isolade. Upon my passing, she will cast the runes and a new leader will be chosen, please be a guide to whomever the Elements bequest this responsibility.”

Atlantis turned with sad eyes, and said, “I will.”

The King nodded and disengaged his hand from Atlantis’s grasp and said, “Good bye my dear, I will convey to those that have gone before, that you are a tribute to their future and that of the Clans.”

Tears gathered in her eyes at the words of her King and she nodded and whispered, “Good bye your Majesty.”

King Borlan teleported himself to his private rooms, his Mate was standing at their window looking out to the gardens. Isolade was sitting quietly in the corner chair. Walking to his Mate, he sent a Seeing and final Gifting to his daughter Hadrese, and vanished to the Beyond. King Borlan’s Mate, also sent a Seeing and Gifting to his daughter Hadrese and went Beyond.

Hadrese was holding her son when the Seeing from her Father tears streamed down her cheeks, as she beheld the final minutes of his life, and that of his Mate. They both had gifted her with their powers and she felt the serge of magic in her blood.

A proclamation went out to all the Elves, announcing the passing of their Beloved King and his Mate. Isolade called for all Elves to gather in the grove immediately for the Choosing.

© All Rights Reserved. August 2008 by Georgia Lee Jones.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Chapter 14: Werekin

Ofren looked around at his blood brothers and sighed, “I guess I have a lot to do.”

“Yes you do,” agreed Lisand’r, “and since it was my brilliant idea to open this “club” I am going to run it.”

Ofren nodded, and looked at J’yan, “I guess that you are going to be a pirate. Good luck with that one, Old Man!”

“That’s quite all right first we have to recruit our fan club and from there we can see if they have any of the poor element and then recruit them and then enslave them.”

“Just make sure that you don’t turn them, as you know enslaving a human is almost akin to turning them and that’s against the new rules,” sniped Lisand’r.

J’yan laughed a deep evil laugh and said, “I guess you would be pissed off as you wanted to change that human.”

Lisand’r glared at J’yan, but did not bother to correct his assumption of why he was peeved.

Ofren shook his head and vanished to his personal lair. He settled in, turned on his Komterminal, and began recording the history of the They That Cannot Be Spoken of.

His hands hovered over the keys thinking about how he was going to begin the history of his race. He began typing: Elves. We are elves. Our ancestors crashed into a primitive planet called Terra Firma, but the indigenous people call the planet earth. We were exploring the outer reaches of the galaxy when our spaceship crashed into Terra Firma due to the malfunction of one of the coils or so we were told. However, several millennia ago, our original Elder, Paladin discovered the truth.

The real truth was that it was sabotage due to fight between the seer Isolade who was very young and just starting out on her life’s journey and the Elven King’s son, Baranthe. Baranthe wanted to stop and conqueror the local population of Terra Firma and Isolade said no. We were under direct orders from our King to only chart a course through the stars so that this region of space would be marked for those of us who would come later.

The local indigenous populations called Homo sapiens or humans were so primitive that the “gods” who inhabited the earth ruled the ignorant with an iron fist and the enslaved people did not even recognize their enslavement because it was disguised by something odd called beliefs or religion. This concept was new for the Elves, an interesting way of thinking, but still mindboggling to a race who lives for thousands of earth years.

Baranthe was adamant that the Elven research teams stop and conqueror this part of space. While descending through the stratosphere Isolade yanked a crystal out of the main engine and our spacecraft crash landed. Baranthe was killed in that crash, and so our lives changed forever, we discovered immediately that the Arcadian rhythms of this planet enhanced our natural ability to communicate with thought and our ability to cloak ourselves in invisibility.

The remaining people on the research team decided that they would hide the wreckage from the local human population and we set ourselves up to become the protectors to the humans who wanted a safe harbor from the real oppressors of this earth.

Another problem of crashing onto Terra Firma was the Elves also developed a side effect that we began calling the Darkening. This Darkening was described by our ancestors as a blood lust brought on by ignoring our Life Joining to our Mates.

At first those touched with the Darkening were only banished. For many centuries Elves were unaware of the extent to the Darkening. In the meantime, we set up our society as our civilization was arranged on our home planet, and has no human word that can describe the name of our planet, but in the Elven tongue is Pulchraeum. On Terra Firma we are just called Feyfolke.

Pulcharaeum is found in the Eridani Galaxy, millions of light years from this planet. Isolade chose for us using a Seeing our new ruler, who was an Elven female whose name was Ardonia. She learned the truth of our “crash” onto this planet and had it written down so if our race died here a history would be available if any explorers from Pulcharaeum found it.

Instead Paladin found it. He was furious over his discovery and was one of the first banished, but he did not stay in exile. He kept coming back talking to other Elves telling them the truth about the crash. Some chose to stay with what we know refer to is They of the Light and others chose the Darkening. A side note in this history is that rumor has it that Paladin still lives, but this had never been confirmed.

Paladin made sure that the Elves with the Darkening were kept apart from the Light Elves and the humans. However, our need for blood in order to live made it impossible to keep distant from the humans as they are our food source. Unfortunately, it was our thirst for more power that led to our downfall. One of the Elves with the Darkening decided to try to turn another being with powers, their race called them the Titans. They went crazy after they were bitten and had to be slain by the god Zeus. Who was furious that their pantheon was so interfered with he visited our King at the time and demanded we be killed.

Since Paladin had kept the Elves with the Darkening separate from the Elves that were in the Light, the Light Elves denied that they had to do anything about the problem of the Dark Elves. However, Zeus took our King to where we lived at pointed out to him the problem. Letting him see for the first time how we fed on human blood to keep alive.

The Elven King Borlein formed the Death Squad’s and infused them with additional magic so that they could kill us. Paladin was visiting the Light Elves when these squads were first being formed. He returned to our lairs and informed the Dark Elves that the Death Squads were on their way, and shared with them the secret to survival, and to this day we call the Grounding. It is where Dark Elves go into the earth away from the sun light and in secret to any human or other Dark Elf and stay there until danger or the daylight passes. As our weakness is the sunlight to which we have an allergy.

The Dark Elves boasted that no Light Elf would get the better of them and they would meet the Death Squads head on in battle and kill them all. Paladin said that he would never see them again. Paladin was right they were gone when we came back from being underground. All that remained was ashen dust on the crust of the earth, soon to be blown away by the wind and seen no more.

The Death Squads returned to King Borlein and reported that the Dark Elves were no more. The Light Elves began calling us They Which Cannot Be Spoken Of, which amused Paladin to no end and began calling the Light Elves, They of the Light. The stories that my father told me was that Paladin would laugh hysterically when he called the Light Elves, They of the Light. The my Father would mutter that Paladin was loosing his mind.

Paladin ruled with an iron fist and was known for his thrifty way of killing Dark Elves who broke his rules. His rules were simple; no turning of any being that had magical ability and especially no gods from any of the other Parthenon’s on Terra Firma. No turning of human women or Light Elves without his consent and no killing of any food source. We could give the food sources memories either good or bad, but to leave them alive and basically unharmed.

We began turning up in the writings of the humans on Terra Firma. They called us the Nightmare, the Night Frights, the Terrors, the Frights, the Horrors, the Terribles, and the Dreaded. Mother’s instilled obedience in their offspring with stories of our kind. We settled in a mountainous region of the earth that was famous for its fog, and windy gorges. We called this region Dacia and settled there enticing our followers to settle on the valleys and thus we would have a constant food source.

As visitors passed through the villages surrounding our mountain lairs, we learned of an Island called Atlantis whose human population seemed to have advanced technology and some of us volunteered to scout out the area. The group that was sent out was our current Elder, whose name we did not know then or now, Lisand’r, J’yan, and I. We never returned to the mountains. We remained in Atlantis because the rumors were correct, the Atlanteans were the most advanced technologically on earth, how this these humans became that way is a mystery that has remained unsolved to this day.

After scouting all the cities of Atlantis, we chose Schema because of the depravity of these beings in this city surpasses even the darkest of the Dark Elves. It was many years before we felt any Elves. There is a half-breed Elf living somewhere in Atlantis, but we have never been successful in tracing him, and eventually gave up. Periodically we feel this Light Elf, but he disappears before we can find him. Perhaps his brain does not work as ours because he is half human.

They of the Light believe they are better then us because “They” claim to have resisted the urge of the Darkening, however, what They of the Light refuse to accept is that since this planet’s rhythms are different then our home planet, we all are infused with this Darkening. The Light Elves that are close to changing we can sense this and we monitor them. The closest any Light Elf has come to the Darkening and then stayed in the Light was one Sky Elf called Atlantis de El’a, whose would eventually become our The Mortal Enemy of our race.

Atlantis was born of two Hunters who died while fighting Dark Elves in Schema. I and my Blood Brothers did not know that these Dark Elves were in Atlantis until the battle was engaged and we all went immediately to ground and waited until the Light Elves had died and one had left, mortally wounded.

Our Elder went to where the Light Elves lived to see what the child of the de El’a Elf was like and he returned to say that her magic was incredibly powerful. It would be four centuries later that we found out just how powerful Atlantis’s magic truly was, she single-handedly killed all but my lair of Dark Elves and that is because we always go to the Grounding when we sleep.

We felt our brethren cry out in agony while they died by exposure to the earth’s sun. Atlantis by pulling the sun from its orbit, caused this planet to tilt on its axis and so began an ice age that I am sure many humans will not survive, but the Atlanteans seemed to be thriving.

The physical description of our Mortal Enemy is that this female is a Sky Elf. This Clan within the Clans of Light Elves is the lightest blue that you find a balmy summer day. She has long blue hair, her eyes are so light blue that they are almost grey, but not quite, she is six feet, eleven inches tall with no shoes, if she chooses to wear the human affliction called shoes, then she can be well over seven and a half feet tall as she seems to love the highness of the shoes.

My Blood Brothers and I want vengeance against her and it is imperative that Dark Elves as long as they exist must hunt this female down and kill her and her offspring at all costs to self.

It has been two human years since the Massacre of my race. On the Terrible Day Atlantis gave birth to twins, one twin sacrificed her life so that her sister could live. An Elemental almost gave his life so that Atlantis could live. Rumor has it that he survived and is awake again. The daughter Atlantis bore, is more powerful in her magic then her parent. This is not good for those who remain of my race.

Ofren stopped typing and reread what he had written and was satisfied that it was a good start for the history of the Dark Elves.

A portal opened and the Elder stepped through. “Busy I see.”

“Yes Master.”

The Elder leaned back against the wall and wondered how long it would take Ofren to realize that he was in his personal lair.

Shock spread across Ofren’s face, “Master, how did you know where I sleep? I make sure that no one knows of this place.”

Smiling at the Elf’s shocked face, the Elder said, “For centuries you have felt aroused while in my presence. I thought it was time to claim you for my Lifemate.”

“You feel that too?”

“I have always known that you were my Life’s Mate, but I had to allow you to grow and mature before placing a claim upon you.”

Ofren smiled as his eyes closed in relief, now he would not have to try to hide his emotions of this Elf any longer.

© All Rights Reserved. Copyrighted July 2008 by Georgia Lee Jones.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Chapter 12: Waiting

King Borlan turned away from where Atlantis had stood, gazing out the window and unseeing at the forest below him. Shuddering he thought, three Werekin had survived the killing fields consumed the rest of the evil and were somewhere on Terra Firma.

He summoned by thought the captain of the death squad that served as his justice. He stared at the Captain and told him by thought of the situation and the need for secrecy and stealth. The Captain nodded and left his King.

A knock sounded at his door; glancing out the window, he knew it was his daughter and his grandchild. “Enter!”

Hadrese smiled at her Father and said, “Here you go our Little One is anxious to see you!”

Grinning at the Wee One, the King scooped him up in his arms and gave him a hug and kisses.

Watching her Father with her son, Hadrese looked closely, noticed that the lines on His face were deep, and realized that whatever Atlantis had said to him aged him several decades.

The King put the boy down and crouched down beside him and sat cross-legged next to him, glancing up at Hadrese he said, “May I keep him for awhile my Daughter?”

Smiling Hadrese nodded and vanished from His presence. She returned to her rooms and was startled to see her Uncle standing in her room with the look of thunder on his face. “What’s wrong, Uncle?”

“Atlantis was here today and yet she refuses to tell me why. Do you know why she was here?”

“She spoke with His Majesty, your Brother.”

“About what?”

Gazing at her Uncle, Hadrese said, “I have no idea, whatever it was it has aged my Father several decades.”
Oberon knew that she was telling the truth. He knew better then to accuse Atlantis of cheating as a Life Joining prevented infidelity of all those involved. When Life Joining happened between the couples, Elves gave off pheromones that only attracted their Mates. It didn’t stop the jealousy from searing his heart and he knew he was being irrational, but he could not help it. He nodded to his niece and vanished.

Oberon appeared beside his brother. “Greeting Your Majesty,” bowing from his waist he paid homage to his Ruler.

Borlan sighed and said, “If I am your King and not your brother then you should have made an audience with Me.”

“Yes your Majesty I apologize for the interruption.”

Glaring at his twin, Borlan knew why his Brother was here. He chose to ignore him. Turning to his grandson, he said, “See him? This Elf is your Uncle Oberon. Tell him good day, Little One.”

A grin split the boy’s face and said, “’ood, ay!” and gave Oberon a toothy smile. Borlan laughed at his grandson. He stood and scooped him up and turned to his Brother, “We are busy, and you may be excused.”

Borlan disappeared into his private suite and Oberon knew better then to follow him. A scowl lit his face and he willed himself home. Anger seethed off his metaphysical bond with his Mates he was furious. “How was he to protect what was his if he didn’t know what was going on?”

Tajor sent him a message along their private communication channel, “Atlantis said that she swore to tell no one at the Kings order. You cannot expect her to break an oath made to our King! Drop your anger. Let this go, you are hurting our Mate.”

Oberon swallowed and ventured down the communication path that connected him to Atlantis. She was crying. Hurt radiated out at him. Oberon withdrew and moved out of his laboratory and down the hall to his bedroom; he slowly opened the door and looked in on the scene unfolding before him.

Tajor was sitting on the bed holding Atlantis and their daughter was sitting on her pillow hovering above them, directing a piece of cloth to wipe up her Mother’s tears. They all looked at him at the same moment and Tajor and Agarante glared at him, a shudder ran through Atlantis and she closed her eyes, leaning into Tajor.

Clearing his throat, Oberon said, “I am sorry Atlantis, I should not have taken my frustration out on you. You were obeying our King and that is more important spot in our lives then my anger. I just want to be able to protect you and our Wee One.”

Atlantis sighed into Tajor’s neck and then sent a metaphysical nod to Oberon. She felt the bed dip as he joined her on the bed. “Our daughter is in danger from an unknown source and it’s my job to protect her, my love, you must know that is more important then anything in the entire human earth.”

Sitting up Atlantis said, “Honor is more important then anything Oberon, just because you can doesn’t mean you should and you must learn this or your anger will overtake your good judgment one day and the results will be horrible.”

A throat cleared at the doorway, the three Elves froze as they realized someone had invaded their inner sanctum. “Oh don’t stand on my account.”

Relief swept through the Elves when they heard Twa’s voice. Atlantis jumped out of bed and charged across the room and dropping to her knees she said, “Twa, you are awake! How do you feel? May I heal you?”
“Atty, I feel fine and I am healed.”

Relief swept over her and she smiled, “It is so good to see you my friend, awake and no longer in pain.”
Twa’s gazed at the Little One in front of him, “Your magic is strong. You healed me.”

A gasp arose around the group crowding around Twa, Atlantis’s stared in horror at her daughter, “Argante! That was so dangerous!”

Argante smiled a beatific grin at her parent and did not respond. Her Mother did not understand. She regarded the Elemental in front of her and reached him on his communication pathway, “Go! Your work here is done; your obligation to my family is no more. Your bonds of service have been transferred to another.
Twa reached inside of himself to confirm the Wee Ones pronouncement, she was right he was now in service to their King. Bowing to the Elves in front of him, Twa said, “The bonds of my service has transferred to another, I wish blessings upon you and that the sun on your face and the wind at your back.” He disappeared from sight after pronouncing the blessing upon Atlantis and her family.

Twa appeared in front of King Borlan who was startled to see him. “Your are amongst Us again, that is good.”

Bowing to King Borlan Twa said, “I am in your service Your Majesty.”

Borlan was surprised to feel the metaphysical bonds of service snap between them and he sighed, this he did not need. Glaring at the Elemental, he thought, or perhaps he did. He pondered the Elf in front of him and nodded. “Tell my head steward that you are in my service, he will assign you rooms.”
Twa nodded and vanished from sight.

© All Rights Reserved. Copyrighted July 2008 by Georgia Lee Jones.