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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Chapter 12: Waiting

King Borlan turned away from where Atlantis had stood, gazing out the window and unseeing at the forest below him. Shuddering he thought, three Werekin had survived the killing fields consumed the rest of the evil and were somewhere on Terra Firma.

He summoned by thought the captain of the death squad that served as his justice. He stared at the Captain and told him by thought of the situation and the need for secrecy and stealth. The Captain nodded and left his King.

A knock sounded at his door; glancing out the window, he knew it was his daughter and his grandchild. “Enter!”

Hadrese smiled at her Father and said, “Here you go our Little One is anxious to see you!”

Grinning at the Wee One, the King scooped him up in his arms and gave him a hug and kisses.

Watching her Father with her son, Hadrese looked closely, noticed that the lines on His face were deep, and realized that whatever Atlantis had said to him aged him several decades.

The King put the boy down and crouched down beside him and sat cross-legged next to him, glancing up at Hadrese he said, “May I keep him for awhile my Daughter?”

Smiling Hadrese nodded and vanished from His presence. She returned to her rooms and was startled to see her Uncle standing in her room with the look of thunder on his face. “What’s wrong, Uncle?”

“Atlantis was here today and yet she refuses to tell me why. Do you know why she was here?”

“She spoke with His Majesty, your Brother.”

“About what?”

Gazing at her Uncle, Hadrese said, “I have no idea, whatever it was it has aged my Father several decades.”
Oberon knew that she was telling the truth. He knew better then to accuse Atlantis of cheating as a Life Joining prevented infidelity of all those involved. When Life Joining happened between the couples, Elves gave off pheromones that only attracted their Mates. It didn’t stop the jealousy from searing his heart and he knew he was being irrational, but he could not help it. He nodded to his niece and vanished.

Oberon appeared beside his brother. “Greeting Your Majesty,” bowing from his waist he paid homage to his Ruler.

Borlan sighed and said, “If I am your King and not your brother then you should have made an audience with Me.”

“Yes your Majesty I apologize for the interruption.”

Glaring at his twin, Borlan knew why his Brother was here. He chose to ignore him. Turning to his grandson, he said, “See him? This Elf is your Uncle Oberon. Tell him good day, Little One.”

A grin split the boy’s face and said, “’ood, ay!” and gave Oberon a toothy smile. Borlan laughed at his grandson. He stood and scooped him up and turned to his Brother, “We are busy, and you may be excused.”

Borlan disappeared into his private suite and Oberon knew better then to follow him. A scowl lit his face and he willed himself home. Anger seethed off his metaphysical bond with his Mates he was furious. “How was he to protect what was his if he didn’t know what was going on?”

Tajor sent him a message along their private communication channel, “Atlantis said that she swore to tell no one at the Kings order. You cannot expect her to break an oath made to our King! Drop your anger. Let this go, you are hurting our Mate.”

Oberon swallowed and ventured down the communication path that connected him to Atlantis. She was crying. Hurt radiated out at him. Oberon withdrew and moved out of his laboratory and down the hall to his bedroom; he slowly opened the door and looked in on the scene unfolding before him.

Tajor was sitting on the bed holding Atlantis and their daughter was sitting on her pillow hovering above them, directing a piece of cloth to wipe up her Mother’s tears. They all looked at him at the same moment and Tajor and Agarante glared at him, a shudder ran through Atlantis and she closed her eyes, leaning into Tajor.

Clearing his throat, Oberon said, “I am sorry Atlantis, I should not have taken my frustration out on you. You were obeying our King and that is more important spot in our lives then my anger. I just want to be able to protect you and our Wee One.”

Atlantis sighed into Tajor’s neck and then sent a metaphysical nod to Oberon. She felt the bed dip as he joined her on the bed. “Our daughter is in danger from an unknown source and it’s my job to protect her, my love, you must know that is more important then anything in the entire human earth.”

Sitting up Atlantis said, “Honor is more important then anything Oberon, just because you can doesn’t mean you should and you must learn this or your anger will overtake your good judgment one day and the results will be horrible.”

A throat cleared at the doorway, the three Elves froze as they realized someone had invaded their inner sanctum. “Oh don’t stand on my account.”

Relief swept through the Elves when they heard Twa’s voice. Atlantis jumped out of bed and charged across the room and dropping to her knees she said, “Twa, you are awake! How do you feel? May I heal you?”
“Atty, I feel fine and I am healed.”

Relief swept over her and she smiled, “It is so good to see you my friend, awake and no longer in pain.”
Twa’s gazed at the Little One in front of him, “Your magic is strong. You healed me.”

A gasp arose around the group crowding around Twa, Atlantis’s stared in horror at her daughter, “Argante! That was so dangerous!”

Argante smiled a beatific grin at her parent and did not respond. Her Mother did not understand. She regarded the Elemental in front of her and reached him on his communication pathway, “Go! Your work here is done; your obligation to my family is no more. Your bonds of service have been transferred to another.
Twa reached inside of himself to confirm the Wee Ones pronouncement, she was right he was now in service to their King. Bowing to the Elves in front of him, Twa said, “The bonds of my service has transferred to another, I wish blessings upon you and that the sun on your face and the wind at your back.” He disappeared from sight after pronouncing the blessing upon Atlantis and her family.

Twa appeared in front of King Borlan who was startled to see him. “Your are amongst Us again, that is good.”

Bowing to King Borlan Twa said, “I am in your service Your Majesty.”

Borlan was surprised to feel the metaphysical bonds of service snap between them and he sighed, this he did not need. Glaring at the Elemental, he thought, or perhaps he did. He pondered the Elf in front of him and nodded. “Tell my head steward that you are in my service, he will assign you rooms.”
Twa nodded and vanished from sight.

© All Rights Reserved. Copyrighted July 2008 by Georgia Lee Jones.