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Friday, July 18, 2008

Chapter 14: Werekin

Ofren looked around at his blood brothers and sighed, “I guess I have a lot to do.”

“Yes you do,” agreed Lisand’r, “and since it was my brilliant idea to open this “club” I am going to run it.”

Ofren nodded, and looked at J’yan, “I guess that you are going to be a pirate. Good luck with that one, Old Man!”

“That’s quite all right first we have to recruit our fan club and from there we can see if they have any of the poor element and then recruit them and then enslave them.”

“Just make sure that you don’t turn them, as you know enslaving a human is almost akin to turning them and that’s against the new rules,” sniped Lisand’r.

J’yan laughed a deep evil laugh and said, “I guess you would be pissed off as you wanted to change that human.”

Lisand’r glared at J’yan, but did not bother to correct his assumption of why he was peeved.

Ofren shook his head and vanished to his personal lair. He settled in, turned on his Komterminal, and began recording the history of the They That Cannot Be Spoken of.

His hands hovered over the keys thinking about how he was going to begin the history of his race. He began typing: Elves. We are elves. Our ancestors crashed into a primitive planet called Terra Firma, but the indigenous people call the planet earth. We were exploring the outer reaches of the galaxy when our spaceship crashed into Terra Firma due to the malfunction of one of the coils or so we were told. However, several millennia ago, our original Elder, Paladin discovered the truth.

The real truth was that it was sabotage due to fight between the seer Isolade who was very young and just starting out on her life’s journey and the Elven King’s son, Baranthe. Baranthe wanted to stop and conqueror the local population of Terra Firma and Isolade said no. We were under direct orders from our King to only chart a course through the stars so that this region of space would be marked for those of us who would come later.

The local indigenous populations called Homo sapiens or humans were so primitive that the “gods” who inhabited the earth ruled the ignorant with an iron fist and the enslaved people did not even recognize their enslavement because it was disguised by something odd called beliefs or religion. This concept was new for the Elves, an interesting way of thinking, but still mindboggling to a race who lives for thousands of earth years.

Baranthe was adamant that the Elven research teams stop and conqueror this part of space. While descending through the stratosphere Isolade yanked a crystal out of the main engine and our spacecraft crash landed. Baranthe was killed in that crash, and so our lives changed forever, we discovered immediately that the Arcadian rhythms of this planet enhanced our natural ability to communicate with thought and our ability to cloak ourselves in invisibility.

The remaining people on the research team decided that they would hide the wreckage from the local human population and we set ourselves up to become the protectors to the humans who wanted a safe harbor from the real oppressors of this earth.

Another problem of crashing onto Terra Firma was the Elves also developed a side effect that we began calling the Darkening. This Darkening was described by our ancestors as a blood lust brought on by ignoring our Life Joining to our Mates.

At first those touched with the Darkening were only banished. For many centuries Elves were unaware of the extent to the Darkening. In the meantime, we set up our society as our civilization was arranged on our home planet, and has no human word that can describe the name of our planet, but in the Elven tongue is Pulchraeum. On Terra Firma we are just called Feyfolke.

Pulcharaeum is found in the Eridani Galaxy, millions of light years from this planet. Isolade chose for us using a Seeing our new ruler, who was an Elven female whose name was Ardonia. She learned the truth of our “crash” onto this planet and had it written down so if our race died here a history would be available if any explorers from Pulcharaeum found it.

Instead Paladin found it. He was furious over his discovery and was one of the first banished, but he did not stay in exile. He kept coming back talking to other Elves telling them the truth about the crash. Some chose to stay with what we know refer to is They of the Light and others chose the Darkening. A side note in this history is that rumor has it that Paladin still lives, but this had never been confirmed.

Paladin made sure that the Elves with the Darkening were kept apart from the Light Elves and the humans. However, our need for blood in order to live made it impossible to keep distant from the humans as they are our food source. Unfortunately, it was our thirst for more power that led to our downfall. One of the Elves with the Darkening decided to try to turn another being with powers, their race called them the Titans. They went crazy after they were bitten and had to be slain by the god Zeus. Who was furious that their pantheon was so interfered with he visited our King at the time and demanded we be killed.

Since Paladin had kept the Elves with the Darkening separate from the Elves that were in the Light, the Light Elves denied that they had to do anything about the problem of the Dark Elves. However, Zeus took our King to where we lived at pointed out to him the problem. Letting him see for the first time how we fed on human blood to keep alive.

The Elven King Borlein formed the Death Squad’s and infused them with additional magic so that they could kill us. Paladin was visiting the Light Elves when these squads were first being formed. He returned to our lairs and informed the Dark Elves that the Death Squads were on their way, and shared with them the secret to survival, and to this day we call the Grounding. It is where Dark Elves go into the earth away from the sun light and in secret to any human or other Dark Elf and stay there until danger or the daylight passes. As our weakness is the sunlight to which we have an allergy.

The Dark Elves boasted that no Light Elf would get the better of them and they would meet the Death Squads head on in battle and kill them all. Paladin said that he would never see them again. Paladin was right they were gone when we came back from being underground. All that remained was ashen dust on the crust of the earth, soon to be blown away by the wind and seen no more.

The Death Squads returned to King Borlein and reported that the Dark Elves were no more. The Light Elves began calling us They Which Cannot Be Spoken Of, which amused Paladin to no end and began calling the Light Elves, They of the Light. The stories that my father told me was that Paladin would laugh hysterically when he called the Light Elves, They of the Light. The my Father would mutter that Paladin was loosing his mind.

Paladin ruled with an iron fist and was known for his thrifty way of killing Dark Elves who broke his rules. His rules were simple; no turning of any being that had magical ability and especially no gods from any of the other Parthenon’s on Terra Firma. No turning of human women or Light Elves without his consent and no killing of any food source. We could give the food sources memories either good or bad, but to leave them alive and basically unharmed.

We began turning up in the writings of the humans on Terra Firma. They called us the Nightmare, the Night Frights, the Terrors, the Frights, the Horrors, the Terribles, and the Dreaded. Mother’s instilled obedience in their offspring with stories of our kind. We settled in a mountainous region of the earth that was famous for its fog, and windy gorges. We called this region Dacia and settled there enticing our followers to settle on the valleys and thus we would have a constant food source.

As visitors passed through the villages surrounding our mountain lairs, we learned of an Island called Atlantis whose human population seemed to have advanced technology and some of us volunteered to scout out the area. The group that was sent out was our current Elder, whose name we did not know then or now, Lisand’r, J’yan, and I. We never returned to the mountains. We remained in Atlantis because the rumors were correct, the Atlanteans were the most advanced technologically on earth, how this these humans became that way is a mystery that has remained unsolved to this day.

After scouting all the cities of Atlantis, we chose Schema because of the depravity of these beings in this city surpasses even the darkest of the Dark Elves. It was many years before we felt any Elves. There is a half-breed Elf living somewhere in Atlantis, but we have never been successful in tracing him, and eventually gave up. Periodically we feel this Light Elf, but he disappears before we can find him. Perhaps his brain does not work as ours because he is half human.

They of the Light believe they are better then us because “They” claim to have resisted the urge of the Darkening, however, what They of the Light refuse to accept is that since this planet’s rhythms are different then our home planet, we all are infused with this Darkening. The Light Elves that are close to changing we can sense this and we monitor them. The closest any Light Elf has come to the Darkening and then stayed in the Light was one Sky Elf called Atlantis de El’a, whose would eventually become our The Mortal Enemy of our race.

Atlantis was born of two Hunters who died while fighting Dark Elves in Schema. I and my Blood Brothers did not know that these Dark Elves were in Atlantis until the battle was engaged and we all went immediately to ground and waited until the Light Elves had died and one had left, mortally wounded.

Our Elder went to where the Light Elves lived to see what the child of the de El’a Elf was like and he returned to say that her magic was incredibly powerful. It would be four centuries later that we found out just how powerful Atlantis’s magic truly was, she single-handedly killed all but my lair of Dark Elves and that is because we always go to the Grounding when we sleep.

We felt our brethren cry out in agony while they died by exposure to the earth’s sun. Atlantis by pulling the sun from its orbit, caused this planet to tilt on its axis and so began an ice age that I am sure many humans will not survive, but the Atlanteans seemed to be thriving.

The physical description of our Mortal Enemy is that this female is a Sky Elf. This Clan within the Clans of Light Elves is the lightest blue that you find a balmy summer day. She has long blue hair, her eyes are so light blue that they are almost grey, but not quite, she is six feet, eleven inches tall with no shoes, if she chooses to wear the human affliction called shoes, then she can be well over seven and a half feet tall as she seems to love the highness of the shoes.

My Blood Brothers and I want vengeance against her and it is imperative that Dark Elves as long as they exist must hunt this female down and kill her and her offspring at all costs to self.

It has been two human years since the Massacre of my race. On the Terrible Day Atlantis gave birth to twins, one twin sacrificed her life so that her sister could live. An Elemental almost gave his life so that Atlantis could live. Rumor has it that he survived and is awake again. The daughter Atlantis bore, is more powerful in her magic then her parent. This is not good for those who remain of my race.

Ofren stopped typing and reread what he had written and was satisfied that it was a good start for the history of the Dark Elves.

A portal opened and the Elder stepped through. “Busy I see.”

“Yes Master.”

The Elder leaned back against the wall and wondered how long it would take Ofren to realize that he was in his personal lair.

Shock spread across Ofren’s face, “Master, how did you know where I sleep? I make sure that no one knows of this place.”

Smiling at the Elf’s shocked face, the Elder said, “For centuries you have felt aroused while in my presence. I thought it was time to claim you for my Lifemate.”

“You feel that too?”

“I have always known that you were my Life’s Mate, but I had to allow you to grow and mature before placing a claim upon you.”

Ofren smiled as his eyes closed in relief, now he would not have to try to hide his emotions of this Elf any longer.

© All Rights Reserved. Copyrighted July 2008 by Georgia Lee Jones.