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Friday, September 28, 2007

Chapter 6: One Week Later

(This story begins approximately 5 millennia before the disappearance of the Island of Atlantis.)

“My Lady Atlantis,” drawled Twa as he strolled into the dining hall, devoid of anyone but them.

Hiding a grimace at hearing Twa’s voice, Atlantis put down the fruit she was eating and dabbed her mouth. “The top of the morning to you Twa.”

Twa jumped up in the chair and knelt on his knees and put his elbows on the table and cupped his cheeks in his hands as he gazed at Atlantis. “When are you going to tell your Mates?”

Startled at his inquiry, Atlantis clasped her hands tightly together in her lap, hiding them under the table so Twa wouldn’t see her anxiety she blinked at him owlishly and muttered, “I am sure you know what you are speaking of and it seems to be all riddle’s to me.”

Undaunted by Atlantis’s sharp comeback, he knew that she wasn’t about to reveal her secret yet. Feeling the tension in her he smiled and said, “Really Atlantis you need to be more trusting of me you know.”

Blinking at her old adversary, Atlantis smirked and said, “Trusting? That’s a quaint way to describe our relationship.”

“You do realize Atlantis that I have volunteered my services to that of Lord Oberon and Lord Tajor that it also extends to you as their Lady and v’ma’ter’a?”

Using her magic, Atlantis picked up the apple she had been eating and sent it flying to the floor, raising and eyebrow she said, “Fine pick it up.”

Twa keeping his eyes on Atlantis’s gaze pointed to the floor and raised it back to the table and placed it on the table in front of her plate. Eyes twinkling, “Really Atlantis you must truly be more subtle in your mischief as no one enjoys a bore.”

Jaw dropping Atlantis scowled at Twa and demanded, “What is it that you want Twa?”

“I want to serve you as I do my Lords, however, I see that I have much atoning to make up for from a century and a half ago, will you allow me to make amends?”

Contemplating the Elemental in front of her, Atlantis knew it would be foolhardy to try to go up against him as he was forty-seven centuries older then her, she had been lucky to catch him off guard when she was a Little One and knew that warring with him in her new home would be foolish. Sighing she knew that it was not in her to hold a grudge and she did want to be at peace with him. “All right Twa, I will allow you to make amends.”

Thrills raced up and down his spine, Twa held out his hand and said, “Shake on it?”

Knowing that this would be the final say in the matter she placed her hand in his and said, “I allow you make amends and we both will know when the past is past and our future is bright.”

Twa was impressed with her formal declaration, and declared, “It is agreed.”

Atlantis continued eating and watched Twa’s eyes twinkle merrily as he contemplated her under half lowered eyelids and casually said, “You’ve taken on some old stogies you know.”

Coughing and choking on the drink she had been drinking, she spewed it all over, quickly using her magic; the droplets froze in mid air, reversed them, and settled in an empty dish on the table. “Twa! You almost got a face full of drink. You must be more careful as to the stuff you say when I’m eating. Old stogies? You’d better not let them hear you say that.”

“Well they are and its true. They don’t have fun any more. You are young and it’s your duty to remind them about fun and games.”

Raising an eyebrow at that declaration Atlantis reached for the wet cloth, warming it with magic, she cleaned her hands and mouth. “And I supposed you have a perfect way of reminding them of that?”

Sitting back on his heels, Twa put a hand across his chest and said, “Me? Remind them? Hardly, but I think you’ll have plenty of ideas all of your own, of course I would be honored if you looked to me for guidance.”

Chuckling Atlantis said, “Okay I’ll bite, what is your plan to remind my Mates that fun is the order of the day?”

Smirking, Twa leans forward and whispers, “You have perfect control of your magic its innate so you can do anything you please with it. You could do any number of things to interrupt their day and their schedules, like freezing the pool, exploding items that Oberon is working with, or at least pretending to have them explode, optical illusions, or flood Tajor's garden.”

Eyes round Atlantis said, “They’d just get rip roaring mad at me.”

“Perhaps, but then you could put your fingers in your ears and say neener, neener, catch me if you can, and then poof off to another room, leaving a faint magical trail for them to follow, a game of magical tag.”

Atlantis giggled and admitted that the idea did indeed appeal to her. “Magical tag, hmm, interesting of course, they would try to cheat by reading my mind to see where I was planning to land next. Hmm, I could lay out a false trail there and they haven’t spent much time in my mind as I have spent in theirs.”

“Now that’s the spirit,” exclaimed Twa, “Here have this.” Holding out his hand a ring appeared.

“When you play with them, this will give you complete invisibility.”

“Really? I can be in a room, but they won’t see me?”

“That’s right.”

Smiling Atlantis picked up the gift and put it on her index finger. “Can you see me?”

Twa laughed and said, “Of course I can see you, as it is only attuned to your Mates.”

“Oh,” Atlantis sighed in disappointment.

Laughing Twa exclaimed, “You sound so disappointed. You really don’t want to hide from your new best friend to you?”

Atlantis replied, “Hmmm, can I move objects with out being seen or does this only hide me?”

“It only hides you. So if you move something, then you’ll get caught.”

A shout from the top of the stairs, “Twa! Have you seen Atlantis?” asked Tajor.

Winking at Atlantis Twa said, “Yes, my Lord I have seen her.”

Sighing in frustration at the Elemental’s emphasis on seen, indicating that he meant that he knew what she looked like. Sighing, Tajor said, “That’s not what I meant, by seen, of course you know what she looks like, I mean have you seen her today?”

“Of course I have seen her today,” replied Twa, adding a dose of disgust in his voice.

Tajor growled. “Do you know where she is right this minute?”

“Yes I know where she is right this minute.”

Grinning Atlantis made the wind rustle around Tajor teasing him, caressing him. A giggle escaped as he spun around to see if she was behind him. Her magic pulled him away from Twa and outside, where the whirlwind of her powers kept him chasing, what he believed to be her, but was instead an optical illusion.

After awhile of playing with Tajor, Atlantis allowed her powers to dissipate. Giggling, Atlantis said to Twa, “You are right about one thing Twa, this will be fun. Tajor is standing out there with his hands on his hips and trying to explain to Oberon that he was chasing me not nothing as Oberon claims.”

Rubbing his hands together, Twa exclaimed, “I’m going to go out there and witness this.” He disappeared.

Jumping up Atlantis hurried outside and stopped at the top of the stairs leading out when she heard Tajor exclaim, “I tell you Oberon, I was trying to find Atlantis and Twa was giving me the run around and then a breeze came up and caressed me and I followed it outside. It was Atlantis’s magic I tell you and she’s hiding from me.”

Looking down at his v’ma’ter’i, Oberon was highly amused. He glanced around and said, “Well, I’m telling you my love, that I don’t feel her magic at all.”

Atlantis allowed a small puff of wind to caress Oberon’s earlobe. He stiffened as he saw a smirk cross Tajor’s face. He looked around him and didn’t see a thing. Atlantis heard through her link with her Mates that they were conferring.

“I thinks she’s playing a game with us,” said Oberon.

“You think?” demanded Tajor.

Oberon chuckled.

“So how do we catch her?” inquired Tajor.

“Oh, I think we should ignore her.”

Atlantis allowed her magic to surge and pick Oberon up, flipping him over, gently setting him down on the grass at Tajor’s feet. Tajor looked down at his Mate sitting back on his heels looking up at him.

Using the mind link Tajor said, “Ignore her hmm?”

Oberon grinned; gaining his feet he used his magic to scan the grounds for his v’ma’ter’a. He was puzzled when he could not find her magic, but he knew she had not gone far, but was puzzled that he could not find her. He quickly used his tenuous link to her mind to carefully look out of her eyes, she was giggling to herself very pleased with the mischief she had created.

Aloud he said to Tajor, “I have work to do. I’ll see you at eventide. See if you can’t find our Little Elf and bring her to dinner too.”

Casually, Oberon climbed the steps and just as he passed Atlantis’s position he disbelieved his eyes and grabbed her and tossed her over his shoulder and swatted her behind, “Play games will me, will you doll? Now I can teach you about games my Wee Elf.”

Atlantis’s stomach lurched when Oberon grabbed her around the waist and turned her over his shoulders and gave her a swat. “Come Tajor, let’s teach our v’ma’ter’a all about games.”

Tajor’s body reacted to the sinfully exotic flavor of his lover’s voice, he studied Oberon’s arms, seeing nothing over this shoulder, but Oberon thought he had caught Atlantis. Running to catch up with him, he asked, “Ah, Oberon, what are you doing?”

Laughing a carefree laugh that slid over Tajor’s spine like a smooth, rich dessert, Oberon said, “I am going to tie Atlantis up, and teach her what happens to very naughty little Elves that happen to belong to me.”

© All Rights Reserved. Copyrighted September 2007, Version I, by Georgia Lee Jones.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Chapter 5: The Morning After

(This story begins approximately 5 millennia before the disappearance of the Island of Atlantis.)

Atlantis slowly became aware of her surroundings, the sun was not shining on her face as it did each morning since she moved into her new home. She immediately checked her spirit connection with her v’ma’ter’i and was relieved that they were neither fighting nor making love. She decided that she was in no mood to put up with either, however the complete silence in their link concerned her, cracking open her eyes she moved her head to where the window should be, but was met with the blue-grey expanse of a male chest. Propping her body up and leaning on her elbow, she turned to discover who was in her bed.

Shocked spread though her body as she realized she was not in her own bed. Slowly her eyes traveled up the male chest to the neck then chin, and finally she locked eyes with Tajor. Swallowing Atlantis’s eyes grew round and she whispered, “Where am I and what am I doing here?”

A wiry grin spread over Tajor’s face as he whispered back, “You are in my bed as you should have been over fifty years ago.”

“But how?”

“How much of the spirit connection are you aware of Atlantis?”

Swallowing convulsively and licking her lips she replied, “Everything.”

A puff of air on the back of her neck told her that Oberon was sitting close to her, and was confirmed as he whispered, “And for the last fifty years, you have been eavesdropping to personal communications between Tajor and I?”

Atlantis stiffened at the venom in the question at hand, turning her head so she could see Oberon form the corner of her eye she hissed, “Personal communications? There is no such thing between v’ma’ter’i and v’ma’ter’a, this you know.”

Slowly Atlantis sank down onto the bed and became aware that she was not wearing her thin gown she went to bed with the previous evening. She brought a hand to her face and covered her eyes as she gently massaged the tension around the sockets. She took inventory of her inner being and realized that she felt silence in the connection because both of her v’ma’ter’i were shielding her from their thoughts and emotions.

Her heart began beating faster as she took stock of her body. She felt a dull ache between her thighs and she tighten her muscles and instantly knew she had slept with both of her v’ma’ter’i this past night. King Borlan was right the spirit connection chose for them, but what could be so important to all three of them be bound together after fifty years of separation.

Tears sprang to her eyes as she whispered, “I would have claimed you fifty years ago Tajor, but Oberon was so against me being a part of you that I could not bear to reveal myself to you. I never meant to hurt you, cause you grief, or self doubt.”

Tajor saw the tears seeping from her eyes as she lay beside him hiding behind her hand. Suddenly he found his way into her mind, as she was assaulted by the memories of hurt and rejection dealt to her by Oberon and the envy she had felt whenever they had made love.

Letting go of the wall he had set down in the middle of her spirit link with him, he leaned over and scooped her up into his arms, kissing her on the top of her head, “Oh, Sweet One, please don’t cry.”

As she felt Tajor in her mind for the first time, the tears were impossible to hold back any longer and they streamed down her cheeks and onto Tajor’s bare chest. Sobs shook her frame as she willingly shared her memories with him over the past fifty years, some were happy, some sad, same angry, and others full of jealousy.

Tajor stroked her hair as his love sobbed in his arms and she had been so young when the spirit connection had been made and she was out of depth, as she had no one to turn to as she dealt with her reality that she could not tell anyone of her rejection by her mates as she was embarrassed by the rejection and did not wish to bring shame on the parents of her heart.

Tajor felt Oberon’s presence in his mind and he did not shut his mate out as he needed Oberon to feel what Atlantis was feeling as she quietly sobbed between them. Tajor caressed his spirit connection with Atlantis, trying to convey that she was no longer alone.

Through his emotions he showed his Beloved that she was loved of him freely and completely and that he no longer held her responsible for the decisions he had made by not defying his mate to claim her as he knew he should have all those years ago. Feeling her accept his emotional apology, he was thrilled to feel her hand and then arm slip around her waist and her sobbing quiet.

Tajor was startled to feel Oberon enter Atlantis’s mind and waited for her reaction. In her mind he saw her lifting her metaphysical head, startled at his presence, frozen as she expected rejection as she waited to see what he wanted.

The barriers that he had built up around his heart since he had lost his v’ma’ter’a to That Which Cannot Be Spoken, as he watched Atlantis sobbing in Tajor’s arms, broken and hopeless, and he knew it was his fault entirely. Oberon settled down onto the bed and tossed an arm over his eyes and sought out his connection with Tajor to see what he was seeing in Atlantis.

Warmth had enveloped him as he had entered Tajor’s mind, hope, and love, but he recognized them as Tajor’s feelings and began sifting through the layers in his Mate’s mind to find the ones that belonged to Atlantis. He was overwhelmed by deep sorrow and regret.

Sorrow for the lost years and regret that she couldn’t remember their joining. Amused at what he had found, he withdrew and eased down the fragile communication path to enter Atlantis’s mind and was shocked to see her laying there sobbing inconsolably on the floor of her mind as grief swallowed her up as she remembered the past years and was helpless under their on slot.

Atlantis became aware of Oberon’s presence in her mind and she fought the instinctive reaction to slam down a barrier between them, but knew that if she did block him from her mind more harm then good would ever come of it.

Slowly she stood, up and faced his emotional entrance and waited for his rejection, instead she felt warmth against her back and mescaline arms reach around her and a hard chest at her back. Peace flooded her as she felt the barriers drop from Oberon’s mind inviting her to peek into all the boxes where he stored his memories of his first love.

Shocked by the openness of Oberon’s invitation to sift through his memories, and unsure which memory to choose, she chose the only one that truly mattered, the one of their joining.

After departing their niece and her v’ma’ter’i, Tajor had gone directly to his garden and Oberon to his study, they had both shielded their thoughts from the other for the rest of the afternoon, and evening—something they had never done. Exhausted they had both come to bed worn out and fell into a restless sleep.

The spirit connection simultaneously reached out to her, and forcibly brought her across the distance and she materialized between them. Reliving the safe feeling her sprit felt she had instinctively snuggled close to Tajor. She witnessed the magic of their spirit connection snapping around them and binding them together. Tajor and Oberon had become aware of her presence at the same time and their hands move in concert with the other. Belatedly, Atlantis realized that they were reacting to old memories of their first v’ma’ter’a and that they had thought she was a part of their jointly reoccurring dream.

Looking down from above the threesome in the bed, Oberon was disturbed by what he had seen but shrugged it off as a part of the weirdness that some dreams could take on and had returned to making love to her. At this point Tajor had slipped into Oberon’s mind and they began making love to one another as they had done in years past, both were convinced that she was a dream when she didn’t join in their mind play as their first v’ma’ter’a had done.

Tajor was confused why his dream seemed to hold a warm female body between him and his mate. The spirit connection rode their passion hard and both of her mates had given into its urging and had completed their joining.

Tajor had woken up first, and from years of habit he was in Oberon’s mind when he realized that the previous night had been real, just not with whom they had remembered. Tajor’s gasp had woken up Oberon who had shut down their mental links. When that happened, she saw herself move restlessly, but return to sleep.

After awhile, she had woken up, and returning to her present state, Atlantis was releaved that she had her memories back. She felt Oberson anger at himself for his obstinate stance against her, when they had first met, and his current regret that she had stiffened at his embrace, although he knew he had no one to blame except for himself.

Unaware that she had been holding her body rigid, she relaxed back into Oberon’s chest, drawing Tajor with her, their joint weight too much and Oberon toppled backwards onto the bed. Giggling, at being sprawled on Oberon’s chest, and having Tajor for a blanket, she knew that her time of sorrow was over and a new, fun and loving time in her life was about to begin.

© All Rights Reserved. Copyrighted September 2007, Version I, by Georgia Lee Jones.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Chaper 4: Half Century Later

(This story begins approximately 5 millennia before the disappearance of the Island of Atlantis and 50 years after Chapter 3.)

Atlantis swallowed and gazed with envy at her best friend Hadrese, who had recently given birth to her first Elven Little One. “Hadrese, he’s beautiful. What have you named him?”

“I haven’t decided yet,” gazing down at her son Hadrese asked, “Would you like to hold him?”

Grinning from ear to ear, Atlantis nodded and held out her hands, scooping up the Little One, Atlantis, marveled at the glowing green skin, the cutest little pointy ears she had ever seen. He lay in her arms; head nestled in the crook of her elbow and his little butt in the palm of her hand.

“He’s so tiny Hadrese,” she laughed and said, “I barely remember when Tri’an was this small. Naw, I doubt the big lunk was ever this small!”

Hadrese giggled over her friend’s description of her brother of her heart. He had grown up and had reached his final height of eight feet two inches tall. He was a handsome elf, but very clumsy.

“We are about to have company Atlantis.”

“If your mate and you wish to be alone, my dear, then I would be happy to return later.”

Laughing Hadrese said, “No, please don’t go, it’s my Uncle Oberon and his V’ma’ter’i, Tajor, both eccentrics extraordinaire.”

Atlantis felt tension settle in her shoulders and used a little of her magic to relax her arms so the Little One would not awaken. Atlantis swallowed and wondered if either one of them had changed since she had eaten dinner with them over a half century ago.

The door opened and in tumbled in Twa, robed in yellow and red and trimmed in black. He opened the door with a flourish and announced, “Lord Oberon and Lord Tajor, have arrived.”

Atlantis’s eyebrow shot up, as she beheld her old nemesis. He had not bothered her in over a half a century. She watched as his eyes began to twinkle. He rushed to her side and picked up her hand and bowed over it, kissing the air above it, “Lady Atlantis, how are you, m’dear? I haven’t seen you in many a decade.”

Suppressing a smirk, she replied, “Good afternoon, Twa, how are you?”

Grinning he gushed, “I am much finer in beholding your beauty!”

Atlantis could not suppress a bark of genuine laughter, that escaped her throat, as she watched Twa’s twinkling eyes and mischievous grin, for whatever reasons the elemental was being incredibly suave and debonair to her today.

Lifting her eyes, she gazed into the burning gaze of Oberon, without missing a beat, Atlantis inclined her head, and said, “Lord Oberon, it is a pleasure to see you again.”

Glancing towards Tajor she beamed at him, “I see you Lord Tajor.”

Both males bowed from the waist and smiled, “A pleasure Atlantis,” Tajor murmured. Their eyes fell together to the Little One her arms, “Your nephew, my Lords is gorgeous.”

The Little One stirred in her arms and looked up into her face, rolled his eyes around and then returned to napping. “He has Dorn’s eyes.”

Smiling Hadrese said, “He sure does.” Hadrese’s v’ma’ter’i was her cousin once removed on the du Nuven side of family. He had defied her Mam’s sibling’s mandate and had befriended her over a hundred years ago, and she had been the one to recently introduce him to Hadrese.

Atlantis had watched the two form their spirit connection and become a family. She was holding her cousin twice removed in her arms; he had green skin like his mother and his father’s startling sky blue ones.

As she stared down at the little face and memorized his features, wistfully wishing that she could have one of her own.

Hadrese watched her friend trace her Little Ones face with the back of her index finger. Her gaze rested on Twa’s and followed his gaze back to her uncle and his mate. The raw hunger on their faces told her that they wanted a Little One of their own and wondered why they had abruptly stopped interviewing Elven females trying to find another v’ma’ter’a.

The entrance of her mate and her father, King Borlan, interrupted her line of thought.

Atlantis stood as soon as King Borlan entered the room, he greeted his twin brother in an exuberant fashion and hugged his mate, and Tajor, smiles and congratulations were given and received.

The King’s gaze settled on Atlantis’s face and his mouth went slack, “As I live and breathe Atlantis de El’a. You look just like your beautiful Mother. You’ve given this old heart quite the jolt, my dear. For a moment I thought it was your Mam came back to rejoin with us. You are a credit to your Mam and your Sire.”

Inclining her head, Atlantis beamed at King Borlan, who instructed her, “Now sit down. Your holding my grandson and I do not want to see you uncomfortable.”

Smiling at King Borlan, Atlantis settled down in her chair, cuddling the Little One close in her arms. Glancing back at King Borlan, she murmured, “Thank you Sire, for your kind words. I have been told that you were the last to see my Mam alive.”

King Borlan gazed down at the Elven female holding his grandson, choosing his words carefully, he said, “I was and your Mam was a credit to all elves, carrying her duty to our race with honor and dignity.”

Startled at her Overlord’s open admiration of her Mam, Atlantis gazed into his eyes; a lump settled into her throat, she nodded. Grinning she inquired, “Would you hold your grandson Sire?”

Grinning King Borlan said, “Indeed my dear.”

Atlantis stood and walked around the end of bed and as she passed Oberon and Tajor the spirit connection reacted and enveloped her. She continued walking as if nothing extraordinary had happened and laid the tiny Little One in the King’s arms.

Stepping back she curtsied and turned to Hadrese and Dorn. “Congratulations my dears, he’s lovely. I’ll return later to see you. I wish you goodnight.”

Good manners dictated that she wish the remaining two high lords good evening as well, turning slightly, she inclined her head to them and said, “My Lords a pleasure to see you both again, may the sun shine on your face and the wind be at your back.”

Looking down at Twa, she said, “I can say with all sincerity, Twa, it was a pleasure seeing you this time around.”

Grinning at his old nemesis, Twa put a leg forward and bowed, “Atlantis you have a truly beautiful soul, may all the wishes of your heart come true.”

Atlantis smiled gently down at the elemental in front of her, using her magic, she willed herself home. Barely able to control the spirit connection with her v’ma’ter’i without letting them know she knew of their existence she staggered to a chair in her public room, and sank down into its the depths. Leaning back she closed her eyes and accepted the wash of magic over her mind and soul, instead of the soothing her as it usually did, she became edgier and grouchier.

Scowling Atlantis stood up and paced up and down the room she paused as she felt anger and betrayal come roaring down the spirit link, she knew from the taste of magic that Oberon was livid. Slowly, she came to a halt in the middle of the room, taking a deep breath she sent her mind seeking down the connection and into Oberon’s mind she willed her magic to see with Oberon’s eyes, he was glaring at his brother the King.

Nothing was being said except Oberon was breathing heavily and his heart rate was more rapid then usual. Gently Atlantis let go of the connection and found the one Tajor had with Oberon and eased down its path, he was shielding hard from his mate, getting into his mind would be riskier then normal, but she had many years of practice and wormed her way past his defenses.

He was replaying his memories of seeing her for the first time in decades, the pleasure seeing her gave him and the anger he felt when Twa had touched her hand. He had memorized her features and details of her smile. Warmth flooded Atlantis as he remembered his pleasure at seeing her with a Little One in her arms, the longing to see her arms filled with his own child, a dull ache that he kept hidden had roared to life, as she had passed him and Oberon on her way to give the King his grandson.

Atlantis felt his shock when she seemingly didn’t feel the spirit connection and the self-doubt that had been nagging him for years that perhaps she wasn’t his v’ma’ter’a returned making his disbelief in ownself intensify. He had been staring at the place she had vanished from when the King had softly said, “Oberon, you stubborn ass.”

Startled from his musings he had cast his gaze at his brother-in-law wondering what his problem was with his mate.

“You have ignored your duties to yourself and Tajor for how many years?”

Startled, he glanced at his mate, to find him looking blankly at his brother. “I have no idea what you mean.”

“Atlantis de El’a is your v’ma’ter’a and you have not claimed her?”

Shocked coursed through Tajor at his King’s pronouncement. He had blinked and had felt anger roaring at him through his mate’s link with him.

“That is quite impossible, Sire,” stated Oberon.

Standing up Borlan leaned over and gave his grandson to his daughter and turned to his brother, looking down at him, he said, “I felt that flare of magic. It came from both of you and it’s because you have not claimed Atlantis as v’ma’ter’a both of your magic’s are out of control. Two things could take place, you both become Werekin or your spirit connection with Atlantis will seek out what you all three desire and force freewill from you and connect you all accepting of it or not.”

Tajor had cut off his spirit path with Oberon the moment he heard Borlan’s pronouncement. Oberon hissed, “It’s impossible for us to have the connection with Atlantis, we only met her once over five decades ago, if a connection was made we would have know it.”

Dorn had snorted and said, “Uncle Oberon you don’t know do you?”

Glancing down at his nephew by Life Joining Oberon glared at the younger elf and didn’t say a word.

Tajor was not so reticence with his inquiry, “Know what Dorn?”

Dorn had glanced at Hadrese who had inclined her head, silently agreeing with Dorn about something they were silently communicating. Dorn said, “Exactly five decades ago, the elementals gave her, her own home. As one of her childhood companions, I was quite surprised by it, as you know as well as I do, that you are not given your own home by the elementals without having a spirit connection.”

“When we questioned Atlantis about it, but she just grinned and shrugged her shoulders and said she must be beloved of the elements and was given a rare gift, she had pointed out she had been birthed at the moment her Sire had passed into the Beyond. At first Hadrese and I didn’t believe her, but as the years passed and we have not once seen any Elven male near her except for those of us who grew up with her, we began to believe her explanation.”

“It has only been recently as the last decade that her companions have been meeting their mates and moving off, that I have noticed a change in Atlantis,” stated Hadrese, “She has become incredibly reserved and sad, she hides it well, but I have seen glimpses of it recently.”

Crossing his arms Oberon had said, “If that is all true, then why haven’t we felt the spirit connection snap between us? With our first v’ma’ter’a it roared into place and there was no question about the connection no denying it.”

Tajor had turned and muttered, “I told you five decades ago it was in place and you said it was impossible.”

“Hmm, yes, the breath of fresh air, I remember you saying something about that, but I have not felt it.”

“Breath of fresh air did you say Uncle Oberon?” demanded Hadrese. Dorn had sucked air into his lungs and shock spread across his face.

“Yes,” was his terse reply.

“That is what you feel when you have a connection with a Sky Elf, their magic is subtle and sometimes you don’t realize your mate is with you especially if that elf is trying to hide its presence from your conscience mind. I know Atty, she would have respected your wishes not to claim her and remained a quiet shadow in your minds, so subtle that after the first whiff of her magic you would have no longer felt her presence.”

It had been at Hadrese’s pronouncement that triggered Oberon’s roaring anger had blazed a path down to her and had enveloped her. Slowly she allowed her connection with Tajor to melt and then melt away from Oberon and she returned to her surroundings, darkness had fallen, since elves could see in darkness, she did not bother setting a magical glow she transported herself into the gardens, she stood under the moonlight and absorbed the feel of the grass under bare feet, reveling in the cool breeze on her bare skin.
Her body tingled and she shivered, as her breasts became pointy tips, if Oberon had not stood between her and Tajor she would have claimed him many decades ago, however, Oberon did stand between them…a perplexity of major proportions.