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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Chapter 10: Dreams or Realty?

Twa saw with clarity his charge begin to fall but grey-green hands caught her, scooping her up she was laid down on a bed. He saw himself walk over to her and lay his hands on her chest and he sent waves of healing magic into her body. He continued to heal her until he felt every welt, burn, and the flesh began dropping off his bones. Thankfully he had passed out.

Opening his metaphysical eyes, Twa felt the immense pain his physical body was in and he wondered why he was trying to overcome the pain, when succumbing to it would be so much easier. Moving his eyes he glanced around the room he was in, it was in shadows and he wondered where on the metaphysical plane he would be floating. It hurt too much to turn his head, he felt each piece of skin that he either had or was missing.

He heard whisperings, at first his keen hearing could not make out the words being spoken. Then he recognized them as an Elven dialect that had not been spoken on earth in many millennia. “The child was born today.”

Confused Twa strained to hear the rest of the conversations but there was no reply. Waves of pain shot over his body and scraped in his mind like millions shards of glass. He lost consciousness.

When he came back to his new realty Twa heard voices again, ‘He became to be this way of his own accord. He saved the life of Atlantis de El’a my Mate. Is there anything you or one of your Clan can do for him to relieve his suffering?’

‘This is the result of free will, choice he made out of love and repentance towards Atlantis. It will have to be his choice to remain with us or go to the Beyond.’

‘When you talk to him, remind him that he wants to find his brother perhaps that will give him enough incentive to find the willpower to remain with us. The pain that he is suffering is a good thing as it will remind him he is alive.’

Twa was confused by the fading voices, they both sounded so familiar, but he could not place where he had heard either of the voices before. He turned over the word freewill in his mind and wondered why he had taken on such pain willingly. The memory danced on the edge of his subconscious, he just could not grasp it.

He heard whispers again, this time there was more the one speaker, moving his metaphysical eyes to the spot where he thought the voices were coming from, he saw no physical body, but the whispers continued, “There are three of us left, we need to breed so that we will not suffer as we have suffered these past three moon cycles.”

“We need to eliminate the baby as it will be a thorn in our sides if allowed to live.”

Twa remembered the conversation from earlier a baby had been born to the chagrin of this group of elves, but what clan within his own were there only three Elves left, had his race been overrun by… by what? He could not remember.

He drifted again. Wondering if walking into the Beyond wasn’t the solution to all his problems, then he remembered the voice, “Remind him that he has a brother.” He heard a giggle. Startled he opened his eyes and wondered who had giggled, the drone of Elven voices continued, giving Twa the first clue that he had heard it in his mind, and wondered if the laugh had belonged to his brother.

He had no memories of his brother, but he had the sensation of loss, and again he wondered why he was not in the Beyond with Those Who Had Gone Before. The Elven voices became ugly again, “Where on this cursed planet can we hide from the wrath of Those Who Remain in the Light?”

Having never heard that term before Twa forced himself to concentrate on the conversation at hand.

“It has to be a place of chaos and filled with people who think they are above others, humans who would betray each others for no real reason but because they can.”

“Is there a place on this planet that has such humans in abundance?”

“Yes, the City of Schema.”

Silence descended on the group. Twa was wondering where the City of Schema was on Terra Firma. He had lived long on this planet and had never heard of such a place, but the connotation from the name of the city indicated that the humans living there were Schemers. That did not bode well for the human race.

Overwhelmed by a wave of pain so fierce that he fainted Twa knew nothing more. How long he had remained unconscious, Twa didn't know. He became aware of whispering again; this time he felt a cool wind on his body relieving him of some of the pain. The whispering seemed to be female this time, “Twa, please live. I need you and so does my daughter Argante. Please Twa wake up!”

Again, he was confused, who was this Elven female and who was Argante? Memories flickered at the back of his mind and he could not capture them long enough to bring them into focus. The gentle breeze blew over his skin easing his discomfort and he slept.

Roiling black clouds were on the horizon and Twa was standing on the side of an emerald green hill with two other beings. He could taste their magic so he knew that they were not human but he could not tell to which race of non-humans they belonged, he just knew that they were upset and they were watching something, turning his metaphysical eyes to the bottom of the hill he saw a circle of stones. He then saw large stones appearing from nowhere, but then he saw the device that was lowering the stones to the ground.

Blinking rapidly Twa heard the Elven voices again, “Kill anyone close to this child then the child will be ripe pickings.”

Scowling, Twa wondered why these horrid Elves wouldn’t just go away and shut their mouths. Yawning, Twa wanted to tell them to leave him alone, but it hurt too much to talk, his tongue felt like ash in his mouth and he wondered if he was burned from the inside out.

He was so thirsty. He could not remember the last time he had a soothing drink of water. Magically, it seemed, water was being dribbled down his aching throat. He wanted to smile in sheer joy, but it hurt too much to move his lips that much. He heard a giggle and again wondered to whom it belonged.

Twa drifted again he heard voices bombarding him and they blended into one as he slept.

Atlantis followed the giggles of her daughter to the grove where Twa was recuperating. She watched as a glass magically appeared above Twa’s lips dripping onto his lips and disappearing down his throat.

After a while, the glass emptied and disappeared and Argante laughed again in great delight and clapped her hands. Atlantis felt a healing wind gently blowing over Twa.

Looking down at her daughter who was perched on a pillow in the middle of the air Atlantis asked, “How did you know he was thirsty?”

The Wee One glanced up at her Mother and using pictures thought the reply, “I could feel it.”

Atlantis nodded unsurprised by the remark form her Wee One. She had just learned to sit up three months ago and had taken to flying all over the place on her pillow. Reaching down she picked up Argante and kissed her brow, “Now Little One it's time to eat.”

Argante looked at Atlantis and gave her a cherubic smile, crinkling the blue skin at the ends of her upturned eyes. Tinkling laughter trailed the Elves into their home.

Chills went up and down Atlantis’s spine as she entered their home, evil lurked near them. Sending out her magic, Atlantis checked the binding sphere and there were no holes in it. She checked to see if anyone was near their home and nothing but animals came up in the scan.

Foreboding filled her heart and she slammed the door to the house and placed magical guards around the doors and all the windows.

© All Rights Reserved. Copyrighted January 2008 by Georgia Lee Jones.