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Monday, November 24, 2008

Chapter 13: The Elder

Three beings gathered around the table in the upper rooms of the Blood Bath in Schema on the Isle of Atlantis. They silently regarded each other and tested their powers against each other. They all seemed to be of the same power that meant that there was an Elder still alive. From their own experiences, they knew that the Elder would eventually appear and assume control of their lair.

They had all been underground during the Elven Rampage as they began to call the extermination of their kind. Suddenly, the metaphysical realm began to ripple and from a doorway from another dimension a portal appeared and the Elder stepped through.

The three lesser beings bowed from their waist, acknowledging their Master’s power and that they would be willing to live under his rule of the lair. The Elder waved his hand and the room became soundproof.

His voice rumbled out, “Well, this is all that remains of our race,” he lied to them, but decided that they did not need to know all at the moment.

The three standing nodded their heads not saying a word. “Since I am the Elder, there are going to be new rules in which will govern our Lairs from now on and the most important one is that, no one, but an Elder will turn a human or They of the Light.”

“The next item is that there will be no killing of humans by draining all their blood. We will have acolytes from now on—a fan club if you must. I have studied Schema and these humans love their games so let’s play their games and win.”

“Your idea of this “bar” is brilliant. We will use our acolytes to drink from and replace their memories of erotic sex and love of music instead of us feasting on their necks.”

“Furthermore, there will be only one such club in Schema. We will not branch out to any other city in Atlantis. This is our home base. We will develop a business the business of pirates, stealing legitimate cargo and selling in the “black market” here in Atlantis,” holding up his hand, the Elder continued, “I know there is no organized “black market” here, but we will change that.”

“Now to the last, I want a written history of Us so that if we eventually die out someone will know the truth of Those That Are in the Light.”

“Ofren I sense that you enjoy literature, writing and the arts, you will record our history, from Our perspective. You may start with the First Elder to Me. You will write of our nemesis, Atlantis de El’a, our enemy and her family. Be sure that our children’s children for eternity will know who and what she looks like so that she and hers may be hunted until death.

The lesser beings nodded their head agreeing to the new rules that would govern their kind from henceforth.
The Elder looked at the only members of his Lair and said, “We will do selective breeding and from now on, only those chosen for that purpose will breed. I am studying the best kinds of humans and Those That Are in the Light to turn and to successfully breed.”

“As you all know, the only thing that saved us was the fact that we took to the ground as the ancients told us to do while in our regenerative state. The sun could not touch us as we were in the soil. Henceforth, our race shall sleep as our ancients used to in the ground. No one will be allowed to sleep above ground and if I catch you doing it I’ll end your life before you wake. I will not have our race decimated as it almost happened this human year.”

“You will keep your sleeping quarters secret from others in your lair and humans alike. Most humans are like sheep they do as they are told and most if banded together in a “cause” form a mob and their blood lust is high, rumors of this human year will spread and humans will be afraid, they will believe in the rumors and as most rumors go, they turn to fiction very quickly, but that story remains and becomes myth and then fades in to legend.”

“However, the most dangerous humans are those that believe in myth and track it down. It will be these humans who will try to find us, but we must be prepared, because I will not be killed by humans turned fanatics while I sleep.”

Glaring at the members of his lair, he sliced open his wrist and allowed his blood to drain into a cup, he healed his arm and handed the cup around. The males drank his blood and he felt their communication channels open and snap into place, he blocked the metaphysical pathway to his own mind from his followers; they would never be privileged to be able to read his mind.

Now he would know what they knew instantly and in some cases before they did what they were thinking.
Nodding to his pitiful lair, he said, “I’ll be back from time to time to see how you all are fairing. I will keep my eye on you through our new connection.” Opening a portal, the Elder vanished from sight.

© All Rights Reserved. Copyrighted June 2008 by Georgia Lee Jones.