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Friday, February 15, 2008

Chapter 11: And So It Begins

Atlantis sat crossed legged and levitating at the level of Argante’s cradle and she watched over her sleep. She felt her mind being sucked down into an unnatural slumber. Recognizing that the Elements wanted her to see something on the metaphysical plane, Atlantis, quickly wove a protection of magic around her and her daughter and succumbed to the pull of the other realm.

Opening her metaphysical eyes, Atlantis saw nothing, but gray matter. On the outer edges of her vision she saw white sparks. Closing her eyes, she allowed a very small trickle of her magic to touch the sparks, blending it she rode the impulses to its destination, she recognized the patterns as Twa’s brainwaves and impulses and realized that she was in his mind, meeting him this was very unusual and doing it while he was so ill, could spell disaster.

Standing as still as she could she searched out the communication path she shared with Twa, and whispered, “Twa!”

Startled from concentrating on the Elves in front of him, Twa turned inward and saw the metaphysical form of a Blue Sky Elf that he knew very well. “Atlantis!” he whispered.

“So you do know who I am?”

“But of course, you are my charge. Oh, and you’re the reason why I am here and not up and about.”

Pain chased itself across the face of Atlantis and her heart dropped, “Twa! I am so sorry!”

“Ack, I surely didn’t mean that like it sounded! What I meant was that I finally figured out what your Mate and my Father were speaking of when they were talking about freewill.”

Atlantis nodded and she said, “Are you planning to rejoin us?”

“I am trying, but it’s not my time to rejoin with you on Terra Firma yet. How did you come to meet me here?”

“I was watching over Argante as she slept and I felt the pull of the Elements and so I came.”

“Who’s Argante?”

“My daughter.”

“Was she just born?” inquired Twa.

“No. She is almost a one human year old.”

“Humph!” snorted Twa. “I thought that might be the case, so time has no meaning in this place!”

“What place? This is your mind!”

“Oh, I know this is my mind, but my metaphysical body is somewhere where time does not exist or at least has slowed so much that I have no perception to the passing of time, it feels like I just got here, however, I have no idea on how to leave this place.”

“Why would you bring me here then?”

“I didn’t realize that I had until you told me you felt the pull of the Elementals. I then remembered who I was and what had happened to me. I guess I must have lost my memory after I healed you. It all just came back to me when I saw your beautiful face!”

Deep blue tinged Atlantis’s cheeks as she blushed, blinking in pleasure at Twa’s compliment.

“Do you know where a city in the human world called, Schema is located?”

“No. Why?”

“Are there only three elves left?”

“Twa these questions make no sense. We lost many of our Kinfolke to Those That Cannot Be Spoken Of, but all our clans have many Elves left to repopulate our ranks.”

“Have you ever heard of this phrase, ‘Those Who Remain in the Light?’”


“Me either. However, you must find out what these things mean and where Schema is located.”


“There is a Clan of Elves that only has three remaining members and they plan to go to Schema to breed. Evidentially the humans living in Schema live up to the name of their City; they scheme and have no consciences.”

“Be aware of whom you ask to investigate this information because, these three elves want some child dead. Who that child is and to whom he or she belongs I have no idea! I cannot fathom any elf of our Clans that would wish death to a Wee One. Perhaps it’s not an Elf they are talking but a human child. ”

Atlantis nodded and said, “How do you know all of this?”

“Because wherever I am in the metaphysical realm, these three Elves gather to plan and scheme.”

“Maybe they are not elves, but other magical beings. The elves have recently become aware of whole groups of magical beings inhabiting Terra Firma so either they have recently arrived here or they have been hiding here from us for many millennia, your Father and his peers all believe they have recently arrived with the extermination of Those that Cannot Be Spoken Of.”



“What races are they?”

“Dwarves, Gnomes, Gods and Goddesses of varying power, mages, and High Priestesses they are ruled by one they call King Connlon. They have a governing council called The High Lords and the highest ranking member of each group sits on this Council. Our King was asked to join and represent the Clans, this he has done.”

“Well that explains a Seeing I had, I felt magic belonging to others, but I did not recognize their magic at all.”

Atlantis stood there gazing at Twa and she whispered, “Let me heal some of your internal wounds and take some of the pain that you are suffering.”

“No!” shouted Twa.

“Why not?”

“My Father was right when he said that I should heal on my own as my choice was made of freewill and I am meant to be here for a purpose. What that is, I have no idea. Perhaps one day it will all make sense.”

“Perhaps, but today, it makes me sad that I cannot lend you assistance. Your debt to me Twa of the Elemental’s is paid in full indebted to me you no longer are, however, it is my wish to remain your friend.”

A smile formed in Twa’s mind and he grinned and said, “Then friends we are and friends we will remain for forever and a day.”

“Forever and a day,” confirmed Atlantis. As she whispered those words the magic that had brought her to this place grabbed a hold of her and tossed her back to her physical plane of existence. Opening her eyes, she gazed down into the eyes of her Wee One, who grinned at her.

Picking up her Wee One, Atlantis dispelled the magical protection that surrounded them and she went to her bedroom. She picked up a summonsing orb and sent it off to her dear friend Hadrese.

Several seconds later, Hadrese appeared. “Atlantis! How are you my dear?”

“I well thank you Hadrese! And you?”

“Great thanks, awww look at your Wee One, what a beauty she will grow into when she had gained her Maturity.”

Atlantis smiled and nodded and then looked at Hadrese and asked, “What do you hear of the outside human world?”

“Nothing too much, the petty gods ruling the lands are always fighting and bickering and using humans as their playthings. Why?”

“I need some information about a city somewhere on Terra Firma called Schema, have you heard of it?”

“No, I surely have not.”

“Try to find out for me won’t you?”


“I need to speak with King Borlan as soon as possible and in a closed session; will you arrange this for me?”

“Certainly. What you want my Father has decreed that you receive. In fact, you could pop into his presence at anytime and you would not be denied.”

“Just because you can Hadrese, does not mean you should. His Majesty is still my King and due my respect and thoughtfulness.”

A thoughtful express fell across Hadrese’s face and she nodded at Atlantis and said, “Very well, Atlantis. I will make arrangements for your interview in closed session.”

“Thank you Hadrese and thanks so much for coming here today, tell my cousin I said hello please.”

Smiling a broad smile, Hadrese nodded and disappeared from sight.

Looking down at her daughter Atlantis said, “Well wasn’t that fun to see Auntie Hadrese?”

Argante grinned at her Mother and brought her flying pillow to her and vanished from her Mother’s arms and to the side Twa who was sleeping in the grove. Several seconds later Atlantis appeared beside her daughter and said, “Wee One, it is unsafe for you to travel by yourself, there are those who wish you ill health.’

Argante ignored her Mother and concentrated on healing of the Elf laying in front her. She was slowly healing him from the inside to the outer layers of his body, but her magic was not strong as it should be and she knew she could not heal him the way he had healed her Mother because it would kill her to do so and she knew she had to live no matter what.

The Closed Session

Hadrese returned to her home and sent a message to her Father’s Chancellor that Atlantis de El’a wanted a closed session with King Borlan at his convenience. A reply was immediate that the session would be granted at eventide and a transport ball would be sent by His Majesty.

Hadrese forwarded the message to Atlantis who sent a warm expression of thanks back to her. Glancing up at her Mate as he strode through the door she said, “Your cousin Atlantis sends you her best regards.”

“Oh? When?”

“A few minutes ago, she sent me a summoning orb. She wanted me to find out if there is a city on earth called Schema, have you heard of it?”


“She also warned me to be careful of whom I asked to find out this information.”

“Did she say why?”

“No, she then asked me to arrange a closed session with my Father, which I have done for her.”

“Why did she do that when your Father has declared her immune to all Elven laws for as long as she lives?”

Hadrese gave him an ironic grin and she said, “Atty said to me, ‘Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”

Her Mate laughed loudly, barking with laughter. “Sounds just like our Atty.”

“I take it she was given her request?”

“Of course.”


Atlantis had her daughter on her hip and grasped the transport orb with her free hand and found herself in the private session room with His Majesty. Immediately she sent a protective magic around the room and sealing out anyone who would try to eavesdrop.

“Thank you for taking time to see my Your Majesty.”

The King nodded and waited for the female in front of him to continue.

“As you know, I would have lost both of my daughter’s if Twa had not healed me immediately upon the destructions of Those That Cannot Be Spoken Of?”

“Yes indeed,” agreed the King.

“Today I was summoned by Twa’s magic and we held a conference. He revealed to me that three of Those That Cannot Be Spoken Of survived the purge and has gone to rest in a city of Terra Firma called, Schema and evidently chosen because of the baseness of the humans living there.”

“How many Elves know of this?”

“Twa, myself and you, Your Majesty.”

The Kings eyes narrowed, “Not even my brother knows?”

“No Your Majesty he does not.”

“Good keep it that way.”

“Yes Your Majesty.”

“Thank you Atlantis,” Borlan infused magic within the phrase so when his subject heard the tones she would know exactly what for which he was thanking her.

Atlantis stared back at her King and nodded and grimly smiled at him and touched the transportation orb and was returned home. She has done the right thing in asking for a closed session and His Majesty had noted it and had thanked her.