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Monday, July 2, 2007

Chapter 2: 250 Years Later

(This story begins approximately 5 millennia before the disappearance of the Island of Atlantis and 250 years after Chapter 1.)

“Hey Atty!” screamed a voice amongst the foliage. “Your turn to seek!”

Atlantis de El’a rolled her eyes as she turned her head and looked into the lush green foliage below the tree branch on which she was lying down, shifting she nimbly turned over and gazed down at the scene below.

Her life companions were hiding in the foliage and behind trees. Normally, she refused to play of hide and seek, but they had been pestering her for over a century to join in the fun, fun being relative and today she had agreed, only to show them why her playing would not be “fun.”

Either they refused to remember she was a de El’a or they conveniently forgot what that truly meant. Closing her eyes she sent her innate magic into the forest around her, when she found a companion she sent a hologram of herself to that Elf tapping him or her on the shoulder saying, “Found you.”

In less time to find them then it took to calmly roll onto her back, she had found them all.

She heard below her, “Where’s Atty?”

Throwing her hand over her eyes, she muttered, “I’m still in the tree.”

She then felt her companion’s eyes drawn upon her perch. “Now do you understand why all these years I have refused to play hide and seek with you? It’s not because I would loose every time I had to hide, which I would, but rather that finding you all is not as challenging as you thought.”

Atlantis de El’a was a Sky Elf and her companions were all Forest Elves. She stuck out in the forest as her blue skin glowed amongst the trees and forest shrubs. Her friends had thought it would be funny to have her hunt them down as they all had green skin in varying shades and had the ability to blend it with their surroundings.

“How did you do that Atlantis?” demanded Tri’an Hout, her little brother.

Smiling Atlantis said, “Darling, Tri although our parents are the same, my biological parents are not shared, this you all ready know. I am an Elven Hunter and my magic allows me to find things that are hidden.”

Turning to her side on the thick tree branch, Atlantis looked down at her friends, “And thus the reason why I won’t play with you all, it’s not fun for me.”

“Only Elven Males are Hunters,” scoffed Olwyn Tru’n.

Hadrese O’Lin turned to Olwyn and said, “Not true, the de El’a’s are the only Elven family that only sire females and the females that can find things, like Atty just found us, are the Hunters, who join the other Sky Elf families for training as an Elven Hunters.”

“Have you began your training Atty?” inquired Hadrese.

Sighing, Atlantis laid back down so her companions would not see her tears and said, “No and I won’t.”

“Why not?” Hadrese continued to grill her.

“Because I was raised by the Hout family upon Blood Rights, my cousins refuse to acknowledge me as a Sky Elf let alone as a Hunter. My family passed too quickly in succession to be able to Gift me before passing. Don’t feel sorry for me. I am grateful to my Mother for living long enough to birth me and to my Grandmere for giving me to Jad’n and Dras’n. I love my family here in the Forest and would not give any of my companions up for anything in the world.”

“Now run along and have fun,” admonished Atlantis.

Her friends laughed and declared Hadrese was it and scrambled away from Hadrese who began counting below the tree.

Suddenly Atlantis felt eyes on her, jumping up her eyes settling upon the branch above her, clasping a hand to her heart, she asked, “Aren’t you a little old to be lurking in a tree branch spying on me, Twa?”

The Elemental giggled like he was only three decades old, his cherubic face lighting up with mischief and laughter. He was no taller then her mid-thigh, making him about three and a half feet tall. His hair was white and flowed down his back smooth and straight; his ears stuck out form the side of his head, mischief shown from lavender eyes. His skin swirled the colors of all the elements today he was fiery red.

“May I ask what you are doing here?” asked Atlantis as she weighed the choice of each word. An Elf had to be very careful what it said to an Elemental as they twisted words to suit themselves.”

“You may,” Twa crossed his arms glaring at Atlantis daring her to inquire further.

“What are you doing here Twa?”

Sighing when he realized he was not going to trick Atlantis today he said, “My Master invites you to his home this evening.”

Raising an eyebrow and bending from the waist to put her nose against Twa’s inquired, “Master? Master? Since when do you belong to anyone other then yourself?”

Twa contemplated the furious Sky Elf in front of him, remembering their last scuffle when she was only a wee Elf of seven decades, she had been trying to learn the art of tree swinging with her life companions, they were all missing the vines and falling to the ground. Upon her fifth fall, Atlantis had stood up and closed her eyes, strode over to his hiding spot, gripped him by his garment and pulled him to her height of five feet 10 inches and had said, “Gottcha.”

He had been furious at himself for getting caught by a Little One; he had sent a bolt of magic into her knocking her to the ground and loosening her hold on him so he could escape. Catching an Elemental and being able to keep him or her in hand meant that he would have had to serve her for the rest of her life.

He had not hurt her permanently, but she had been unconscious for nearly ten days, his Father upon learning of what he had done severely punished him by handing him over for training by the Elemental Wizard, H’eln H’n. The training had been for a century.

After waking up Atlantis had used her magic to track him down again, and this time he didn’t try to break her hold, she shook him and railed at him for being so mean to her. H’eln H’n had seen her shaking him and had decided to force them both to get along so began his constant tagging along with her, since Atlantis had no command over him could not banish him, so instead choose to ignore his every cajoling effort to become her friend.

When his punishment had ended with H’eln H’n he had committed himself voluntarily to his current Master, who wanted to chat with Atlantis, gazing into the clear blue eyes of the Elf in front of him he said, as he caressed her cheek, “I am in voluntary service and my Master wishes you to come to dinner tonight.”

Straightening to her full height, Atlantis still glared down at Twa, contemplating her next question, “Whose your Master?”

Twa said, “I was told that you were not to know until tonight, dress formally. I will send you a magical transport upon eventide.”

Crossing her chest, Atlantis asked, “And if I don’t feel like coming then what?”

Eyes twinkling Twa inquired, “Do you really want to find out?”

Sighing Atlantis shook her head, “No, I don’t. Fine I’ll be there,” she grouched, “but I don’t have to like your summons.”

Twa shrugged his shoulders and vanished and Atlantis sat down on the tree branch her legs dangling down over the branch, she wondered what horrid thing she was in for at eventide.


Atlantis fussed with her royal blue gown with gold trim she was presentable, but the ambiguous invitation given to her by Twa had made her nervous, she knew she looked good, but was concerned that she still might not be dressed just right.

She felt the magical summons she touched the round ball in front of her and it transported her to a formal dining hall, the table was prepared for three. Glancing around, Atlantis wondered where she was, magic made the room glow, casting soft light, creating shadows in the corners.

Using a small caress of her magic she searched the corners to see if she was being watched, the room was empty. Sighing she moved over to look out the picture window trying to see a landmark to figure out where she might have been transported to, nothing looked familiar.

“Ahem,” a throat was cleared behind her, turning around she met the grey-green eyes of a male Elf she had never seen before.

Walking forward, Atlantis stopped in front of him and looked at the tips of his ears, he was a Sea Elf. Blinking in surprise, Atlantis took in his appearance, silver hair twisted into a thick braid twined in gold string. His skin was the color was a shimmering green, emerald at first look, but with flecks of deep blue. He was wearing a light green formal robe and bare feet.

Atlantis met his stare and smiled briefly before scowling, “Might I inquire why I was summoned so mysteriously by your Elemental?”

The male sighed and said, “Allow me to introduce myself, I am Tajor Van. I am Mate to Oberon O’Lin.”

A scowl crossed Atlantis’s face when she heard the name, “As in Elf King, brother of King Borlan and Uncle of my best friend Hadrese?”

Tajor closed his eyes blocking out the cloudy blue eyes in front of him and nodded his head. Silence filled the room, and he dared to open his eyes, Atlantis had moved her head to look at someone off to his right, he did not have to know that it was Oberon who walked into the room, he just knew.

He watched Atlantis’s expressive face as she took in the appearance of Oberon. Tajor knew what she was seeing a Male well over seven feet tall, barrel chest, broad shoulders, and a very narrow waist, red hair spread across his back like a curtain of fire, his red eyes piercing when they landed on you.

“Tajor, who is our lovely companion of the evening?”

Atlantis’s eyes swung back to meet Tajor who she knew instinctively that he had not informed his Mate of her arrival.

Turning he said, “Oberon may I present to you Atlantis de El’a, Atlantis my Mate Oberon.”

Gracefully inclining her head, Atlantis smiled and said, “I am pleased to meet you.”

Calling on his good manners, Oberon stepped forward and bowed over Atlantis’s extended hand, “A pleasure to meet you Atlantis.”

Electricity jumped from the palm of her hand into Oberon’s when he barely brushed her skin, pulling juices from her private spots, twin spots burned in her cheeks as she realized how attracted to this Elf she was, there was something to contemplate.

Oberon straightened, gently releasing the female’s hand, gazed at his Mate and using their communication link said, “She is barely a Youngling, what are you thinking?”

“I am thinking that you need a new muse, one to shake you up, and add laughter back into our lives. She is lovely.”

Oberon looked down at Atlantis and said, “Please join us for dinner?”

Pulling back a chair, Oberon indicated that she sit down, Atlantis murmured, her thanks, as she was seated. Oberon took the seat at the head of the table and Tajor sat opposite of Atlantis.

Resting her hands in her lap, Atlantis felt a knot of tension fill her stomach as the first serving of food appeared on her plate. Looking over at Oberon she asked, “Is safe to assume that you are Twa’s Master?”

Surprised by her question, Oberon, paused with his eating utensil in the air in front of him, “Yes, it is safe to assume.”

“I see.”

“And what exactly do you see,” inquired Tajor.

Smiling Atlantis murmured, “That your Mate must be an exceptional Elf for Twa to volunteer his services and to call him Master.”

Smirking Tajor, said, “Twa is quite the character.”

Atlantis sank her fork into the food, bringing it to her mouth and closed her eyes, “Hmmm,” she did not realize that had moaned aloud until she opened her eyes and found both males watching her intently.

“What is it that you do Oberon?”

Startled from his musings, he looked down at his plate, contemplating on whether he should answer her. He was impressed with her carriage; she didn’t try to ask the question again she just waited for him to reply.

He watched her light blue hands holding the fork and lifting it to her rosebud mouth and disappear inside and reappear empty. Oberon glanced at his Mate who was enthralled with her.

“I enjoy blowing things up,” he hid his grin as he watched her eyes grow big, her mind racing to figure out what exactly he meant.

“You work with magic?”


“He is too modest,” stated Tajor, “My Love is the genius behind the throwing disks that the Hunters use to kill Those That Cannot Be Spoken Of.”

“One of the items that I am not proud of that I had to invent,” stated Oberon.

Undaunted, Atlantis directed her inquiry to Tajor, “What else has your Mate invented that is he is proud of?”

Smiling broadly, Tajor launched into a detailed description the teleport device he had used to bring Atlantis to their home. It was a device that when imbued with the thought patterns of another could find them anywhere in the known planet.”

“Is the “finder” reusable or is it used only once?” asked Atlantis.

“Depends on how the magic is originally put together whether you can reuse it or not.”

Atlantis shifted in her chair lifting the goblet of Elven wine to her lips and sipped wondering if the device that had transported her was reusable.

“Your view is lovely from your window, where do your live? I have never seen the landscape look quite like yours does.”

Oberon stretched out his legs and put his hands behind his head, drawing Atlantis’s gaze, “Our home is obscured by my magic. I prefer that others do not find my home, unless they are invited.”

Atlantis smiled, “Fair enough.”

Wet, warm cloths appeared in front of them. Atlantis reached for one, washing her mouth and hands, “Dinner was lovely. Thank you for the invitation.”

“Our pleasure,” Tajor said, forestalling his Mate asked, “May I show you around?”

“I would like that.” Glancing at Oberon who seemed lost in thought, “Are you coming?”

“No, however thank you for your lovely company tonight my dear, I trust that Tajor will see you home.”

“I am sure he will, may I be excused?” inquired Atlantis.

Surprised by her lovely manners, Oberon inclined his head and watched her gracefully stand and walk to stand next to Tajor, her hands behind her back.

Turning around to face Oberon, Atlantis said, “Good night.”

Oberon inclined his head and said, “Good night Atlantis.”

Tajor said, “Shall we?”

Smiling Atlantis inclined her head and walked beside Tajor out of the dining hall. Tajor was nervous; he wanted her to love his home. She towered over him by about 5 inches, making her a little shorter then his Mate at about seven feet two.

“This is my garden, where I come to putter when I need to soothe my soul. In the center it has a pool that allows me to access my undersea home, in case I am needed.”

Atlantis meandered around the gardens, she stood in front of a stone bench and sat down, she patted the spot beside her. Tajor sat down beside her. Gazing into his eyes, she inquired, “Why did you invite me here this evening?”

He glanced away from his guest and stared into the foliage in front of him, taking a deep breath, he said, “Over the last three centuries, I have been inviting females here to dinner, some come more then once, most do not. At one time, Oberon and I had a third, she was killed by Those That Cannot Be Spoken and there was nothing that we could so about that, it was at the beginning of the Elven wars.”

“Oberon has not recovered, he blames himself, and of course he isn’t to blame, but he needs someone his life other then me. We love each other, but we also enjoy females immensely. The time has come for us to seek a third, he isn’t happy about it at all, but the Elements have not yet blessed us with another female Mate.”

Atlantis was relieved to have been told the truth, immediate respect rushed through her body for Tajor as that confession could not have been easy. Reaching over she squeezed his hand and whispered, “Thank you for speaking the truth with me. It could not have been easy.” She withdrew her hand and continued, “Shall we see the rest of the grounds?”

Tajor stood and extended his hand to Atlantis, she placed her delicate blue hand in his green-blue one and he tucked it into crook of his arm. “There are steps behind the grotto, where you can enter the back courtyard of our home, from there you can see the entire region behind our home.”

They climbed the steps, stopping at the top. Atlantis could see the trees below and wondered if it was an optical illusion. “It is lovely.”

“Come and I will show you the indoor pool, family rooms, and end our evening back in the formal dining hall.”

Atlantis enjoyed her tour and when it concluded she said, “Thank you for the lovely evening Tajor.”

Tajor drew her into his arms and placed a soft kiss at the ends of her mouth and then brushed another gently over her lips.

Atlantis knees buckled at the gentle brush of his lips, and felt bereft when his lips left hers; swallowing hard she felt the magical transport ball beside her and wordlessly touched it and melted away from Tajor.

She was returned to her point of origin, moving to the window, she looked out and was stunned to see daylight breaking over the treetops. She disrobed and fell into her bed.

Atlantis woke up several hours later to a violent pounding in her skull, anger as she had never experienced washed through her mind and her body began to shake, she wondered what she could be so angry about that it would be so hurtful.

She threw up into her sanitary basin and grabbed a cold washcloth and waved her hands over the drapes, shutting out the sun. She laid back down plopping the cloth over her face. Slowly and painfully, she examined the anger in her; she withdrew into her body and took a look at the roiling fire in her soul.

She gently laid a whiff of her own magic over the roiling fire, blanketing in the cool soothing, magic of the sky. She entered the roiling mass of emotions and tasted the anger with her physic abilities. Sighing softly she realized that it was not her anger she was feeling, but those of Oberon O’Lin. He was hot at his Mate and they were having a fight. She traced the thought patterns back to their owner and settled into his mind, and shamelessly eavesdropped into their conversation.

Glaring at his Mate, Oberon, growled, “You should not have brought her here! She is barely a Youngling. What were you thinking?”

Tajor didn’t bother to answer his Mate as he just rushed right onto the next question, not bothering to wait for his input or his reasons.

“And another thing, how in the world do you think, for us to bed her? She’d run screaming from us the moment we started to tie her up.”

Angry beyond words, Oberon paced in their bedroom casting searing glances at Tajor, who was unruffled by his outburst and sat calmly waiting for his anger to subside.

When he felt it safe to speak, Tajor said, “The only possible reason why you are so angry is because the Elements have chosen her for us. Is this true?”

Standing with his feet apart and his hands on his hips, he glared down at Tajor who looked up at him with all the trust in the world, “I am not sure, yet, I haven’t felt her presence in my mind yet, but when I barely brushed her hand when I kissed the air above it electricity jumped between our palms, and she was immediately aroused.”

Atlantis struggled to keep her presence in Oberon’s mind masked as the conversation she was hearing began to disturb her ability to keep her presence a secret. Gently she let her magic slid back down the spiritual connection to the angry spot in her mind, she decided to keep the anger blanketed so she should function. Her parents would be worried. She needed to get up and start what was left of her day.

Slowly she came back into her physical body and touched her mind and found the impossible pounding had eased and vanished. Sighing in relief, she got up and washed her face and the rest of her body.

Donning on a light sky blue blouse and skirt, she made her way down to the cookery, Dras’n was there drinking her early morning nectar. Glancing out the window, she saw it was late afternoon.

“Are you feeling all right Atlantis?”

Swallowing convulsively, she tried wetting her mouth that felt as dry as a desert. “I’m fine Mother of My Heart.” She piled her plate with fruit and nuts; she sat leaned over and kissed her Mother on the top of her head.

“Where were you last night?”

“I was summoned by Twa’s new Master. At the time of the invitation he wouldn’t reveal who his Master was, but I was transported to a place in the forest I had never seen, the home of two mated Elves, Oberon O’Lin and Tajor Van.”

“I ate dinner with them and was shown around the grounds and I came back home.”

Dras’n contemplated her daughter. She had told the truth, but not all the of it, she felt that in her guts, “Why are you so late in rising this morning or I should say this afternoon?”

“When I woke up I had a pounding headache. I just went back to bed.”

“Do you feel better now?”

Atlantis nodded her head, as her mouth was full of succulent fruit.

Patting her daughter on her arm, she said, “I’m going out for awhile take it easy.”

Atlantis nodded her head and continued eating. She barely noticed her Mother leaving her to her own devices. She was being sucked back into her the emotions roiling within her, they had changed from anger to passion and love.

She pulled away gently as she absolutely refused to be drawn into their private moments, closing her eyes, she wondered to herself, “What am I going to do?”

© All Rights Reserved. Copyrighted June 2007 by Georgia Lee Jones.