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Friday, July 13, 2007


Beyond: The place where Elves go upon passing from the phycial world, it is unknown if they retain their bodies here or just their spirits move on, but Elven tradition belives that the entire body moves on to join those that have gone before.

Seeing: A vision that is sent with the last drop of Elven magic moments prior to entering the Beyond. After an Elf passes into the Beyond, they are remembered by their loved ones, but their names are spoken aloud no more.

Shapeshifters: For many millennia the Elves, who chose to take the shape of a wild animal and adhering to the laws of nature, were given grace by the Goddess of All Else and became their own species, becoming totally removed from the Elven clans.

Those That Cannot Be Spoken Of: Once elves, turned wholly evil, they rely upon blood for survival and can change innocents into their new state as well. The Elves left behind uses the phrase, as tradition believes that speaking their names can make them rise from death.

Those That Remain in the Light: The Werekin's term for their brethern who do not embrace their dark side and become evil.

V’ma’ter’i: The loose equivalent to the human term of life and mate the ending in “i” is for an Elven male.

V’mat’er’a: The loose equivalent to the human term of life and mate ending in “a” is for an Elven female.

V’mat’er’em: The loose equivilant to the human term of mating for life for both Elven genders.

Werekin: The technical term for Those That Cannot Be Spoken Of these wholly evil beings were once Elves, choosing to have all encompassing power, perverting their natrual born magic, the only exception are Shapeshifters. Werekin many centures later turn into Werepires or commonly called Vampires by humans.

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