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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Chapter 9: Argante

Atlantis felt like she was swimming through a fog, she couldn’t see a thing, but she had the sensation that she was swimming and she couldn’t quite make it to the surface and there was someone at the surface who desperately needed her help.

Where was she? What was she doing here? Looking around, she couldn’t see a thing; she felt sensations, though, emotions, of longing, love, sadness, pain, hope, hate, peace, and war. Why was she feeling these emotions?

Reaching out with her magic, Atlantis felt a reflection of her own and that of her v’ma’ter’i’ Tajor’s magic. Not a trace of Oberon’s magic could she feel. Why couldn’t she remember? Why did she have to swim to the surface? She was so tired. She yawned in her sleep and she drifted off on the current and knew nothing.

Oberon looked down at his v’ma’ter’a and knew that she was feeling her Little One, while she slept. He looked down at the Wee One and knew that she was not of his flesh, and for the first time envied his Mate. Closing his communication channel with Tajor and Atlantis, he handed the sleeping elf to his Mate, and left the room.

Returning to his lab, he sank down into his chair, and wept for the loss of his Little One.

Tajor felt the withdrawal of his Mate and was puzzled when he was handed their Little One, Tajor had learned some devious tricks from Atlantis, and slipped past the wall cutting him off from his Mate, and settled into Oberon’s mind.

He was stunned to learn that the Little One was his and not Oberon’s and Oberon’s Wee One had sacrificed her life so her twin would live. He felt the devastation Oberon felt and his heart ached for his v’ma’ter’i. He sent a wave of love to Oberon, whose metaphysical eyes lifted to meet his, and inquired how he had slipped past his shield?

Tajor winked and replied, “I have learned a lot from our Mate, she is brilliant with her magic. Some of the things she does is amazing and she doesn’t hide from us how she accomplishes her magic and I have copied her way of wielding magic and some of it works for me and some of it doesn’t, but I have learned much from her.”

“Our daughter that survived is as much yours and it is Atty’s or mine. She will have it no other way. Furthermore, didn’t you listen to what Isolade said? It was her destiny. She has gone ahead to live with Atlantis’s Mother and Father, who will raise and love her as their own. We need you Oberon. Come join us on our bed and enjoy our daughter with me.”

Oberon tasted the truth in the words that his Mate sent him through their link, and wiping his eyes, made his way back to his bed chamber. Looking down at his Mates, peace filled his heart and he crawled into bed and cuddled Tajor close to his body as he propped up his head and looked over his shoulder to see the Wee One that had graced their lives.

Whispering in Tajor’s ear, Oberon said, “She’s beautiful. She looks just like Atty except for her gray-green eyes that is all you my dear.” Through the telepathic link he had created with the Little One before she was born, he sent her waves of love and reassurance that she was the daughter of his heart.”

Tinkling laughter filled his mind and heart and he was thrilled to be the Father of her Heart. Tajor grinned at the interaction of his Little One with his Mate and was filled with contentment.

Atlantis moved restlessly on the bed and wiped her face with her hand and rolled over to face Tajor and threw her arm around him and rested her hand on Oberon’s ribs. Her v’ma’ter’i froze, holding her breath as she sighed and went back to sleep.

In his mind, Tajor asked Oberon, “How long do you think she will sleep?”

Oberon shrugged and replied, “I have no idea, and her magic is depleted. Did you see her wielding such power and might? She was magnificent!”

Tajor agreed with his Mate, remembering the sight of his Mate standing in the middle of the sun, blue hair flying around as the wind whipped it in circles, making the sun star of Terra Firma do as she demanded killing all the Werekin in one fell swoop.

Seeing her burned to a crisp was another image emblazoned in his mind, and he hoped he would never had to see her in that state ever again. He had been amazed when Twa had healed her and taken her burns on himself. He sighed and glanced down at his daughter who gnawed on her fingers. She was hungry.

Oberon stood up and went around to the other side of the bed, and moved in beside Atlantis. Gently he tugged her between his legs and he sat with his back against the head board. He slipped the covers down from Atlantis’s chest to reveal her perfect blue nipples. Tajor handed his daughter to Oberon who positioned her against Atlantis’s bosom and encouraged the Little One to latch on and suckle.

Joy filled his mind and the Wee One began to feed. He glanced at Tajor who stared with intensity at his daughter. Oberon settled back and enjoyed the slurping noises his daughter made as she took substance from Atlantis’s body.

Twenty Days Later

Oberon stood at the bedside of Twa, who was still between life and the Beyond. He leaned over and whispered in Twa’s mind, “You must live for the sake of Atlantis. She would grieve over you for many centuries if you went to the great Beyond, she would blame herself. You owed her much and the debt has been repaid, come back to us Twa. Our Little One has not yet been named and Atlantis has not woken up from her restorative sleep. Please Twa, we need you.”

Oberon stood and closed his eyes and sent a message to Twa’s Father asking him to come to him as soon as he could. Immediately Rowen appeared at Oberon’s side. He glanced down at his son and back at Oberon.

“He became to be this way of his own accord. He saved the life of Atlantis de El’a my Mate. Is there anything you or one of your Clan can do for him to relieve his suffering?”

Rowen gazed sadly at his only remaining male child and heir and shook his head no. There was nothing that could be done for him. “This is the result of free will, choice he made out of love and repentance towards Atlantis. It will have to be his choice to remain with us or go to the Beyond.”

“When you talk to him, remind him that he wants to find his brother perhaps that will give him enough incentive to find the willpower to remain with us. The pain that he is suffering is a good thing as it will remind him he is alive.”

Oberon nodded and gazed at Rowen. “Come inside and see the Daughter of my Heart.”

Grinning Rowen fell into place beside, Oberon and walked in companionable silence. They entered Oberon’s dwelling and heard Tajor’s laughter and a delighted baby giggle drift to them from the front of the house.

Oberon paused inside the door to the family room; Tajor was sitting on the floor making faces at their daughter. Glancing up, Tajor seeing their guests stood up, scooping up their daughter, and facing Rowen, “Welcome to our home, Rowen.”

“Thank you Tajor,” murmured Rowen whose gaze were snared by the swirling green-gray eyes of the Little One in Tajor’s arms; Rowen’s eyes went blank as he was given a vision of the future.

Coming out of his trance, Rowen’s eyes shifted to Tajor and said, “Under no circumstances are you to ever allow her out of your sight, not even when she is older, until she obtains her majority and can wield her own magic. There are forces in play that will seek her death. Be careful of whom you invite into your home, and reinforce your security so that those entering may not use their magic within your own home. Free-will decisions are not yet made so there are many paths to your daughter’s destiny; guard them and her well.”

Stunned by Rowen’s proclamation, Tajor said, “Why would anyone want to harm our daughter?”

“You know as well as I Tajor, that I cannot reveal your daughter’s destiny without destroying some paths that can be taken by free-will, I will not destroy any path that could be an easier one for your daughter to trod, just because you wish to know the answers to your question.”

Tajor’s face became red as Oberon came to stand beside him, putting his arm around his V’ma’ter’i and said, “Be at peace Tajor, Rowen is right we must take what he and Isolade have revealed to our hearts and guard our daughter well. You have our thanks for the advice that you have given Rowen. We will encourage Twa to come back to us as much as we can.”

Atlantis felt red, raw emotions hit her and she sat up in bed. Throwing back the covers she launched herself out of bed, almost falling down in her haste and the weakened state of her legs. Steadying herself, she walked slowly down the hall and made her way to the front room where she knew her V’ma’ter’i's were in deep conversation with Twa’s Father.

She leaned into the doorway and heard the final pronouncement of the Elemental standing in the room, holding onto the wall she came into the room, and crossed over to her Mates.

Rowen glanced at Atlantis and said, “My dear Lady, you have the thanks of the entire Elven Nation for the service that you rendered in ridding us of Those That Cannot Be Spoken Of.”

Slowly turning to face Rowen, Atlantis said, “It cost Twa so much more then it did me. I am very worried about him.”

“What Twa did was of his own free-will and that you must never regret as it will diminish his sacrifice,” warned the Elemental.

“Yes, this I am aware, however, it does not negate my worry for him. I checked on him as I became aware and he is in pain.”

Rowen nodded, “Let him battle that pain until he decides to live or go to the Beyond, if he chooses to remain, then you may take the pain from him with your magic. Be careful of your magic as with the way you have used it, it has changed and you will need to practice wielding it again, learning the new pitfalls and what it can do if wielded incorrectly.”

“May I came and see you at your school for training, Master Rowen?”

“Sadly no you may not. As you know no one may come to the school without the backing of their family. Yours have disowned you, this you know.”

Blushing, Atlantis’s cheeks turning a deeper blue, at her momentarily, lapse of memory; she nodded and said, “Of course, Master Rowen, my apologies for forgetting the facts as they stand.”

“You have been through a lot in the past moon cycle, my Lady and no apology is necessary, it should be your Clan to offer that apology in spades, but that is my humble opinion.”

Atlantis grinned and said, “Have you met our daughter?”

“Yes I have and she is a beauty.”

Atlantis brought her hand to her mouth and smothered a yawn, eyes watering, she yawned so long and hard. “I am so weary Master Rowen. I apologize for my very bad manners.”

“Again no apology necessary my Lady, you are entitled to be tired. What shall you name your daughter?”

Glancing at her Wee One Atlantis said, “I shall name her Argante, which means, born of fire and loss. Her magic is strong.”

“Yes it is. Guard her well, Atlantis; this is your only charge.”

Atlantis nodded her head.

“I will take my leave of you all, enjoy your quiet family moments and keep strong for each other and take the protection of Argante seriously.”

The Elemental disappeared into thin air. Oberon came around Tajor and swept Atlantis into his arms and said, “Tajor, we must put Atty to back to bed, she’s about to fall on her face.”

Atlantis slumped onto Oberon’s shoulder and was a sleep before they left the front room.

© All Rights Reserved. Copyrighted December 2007 by Georgia Lee Jones.